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ENGIE: The world's most valuable utilities brand according to Brand Finance

In its Utilities 50 2017 report, Brand Finance ranks ENGIE as the most valuable utilities brand in the world, ahead of EDF and Enel. It therefore confirms other rankings awarded to the Group since 2009. The ENGIE brand is also ranked the sixth most valuable of all French brands.

ENGIE: The world's most valuable utilities brand according to Brand Finance

In its 2017 report, Brand Finance estimates the value of the ENGIE* brand at USD 10.078 billion, which is 12% down on the previous value attributed in its 2016 rankings. The Utilities sector as a whole has seen its average value fall by around 5% over the same period.  This decline is due primarily to the factors applied when assessing company financial results and the broader economic outlook. On the other hand, the ENGIE brand has improved in terms of 'awareness', 'familiarity' and 'customer experience'. 

*The following rankings published in February 2017 are based on data for the full year of 2016.

Brand Finance Global 500

The Global 500 report is published annually and incorporates data from all the world's market-listed companies. Each brand is assessed on the basis of its strength, risk and future annual revenue (projected over a five-year period). The Brand Finance Global 500, which ranks brand by value, uses the method most widely adopted by financial and tax experts: the royalty relief approach. This method is based on estimating the likely future sales calculating a royalty rate that would be charged for the use of the brand in a given country. Brand Finance first published this global report in 2007.

TOP 6 Ranking « Global Brand Finance Utilities »

  1. ENGIE (139th rang mondial et $10,078 m)
  2. EDF (174th and $8, 268 m)
  3. Enel (203th and $7,284 m)
  4. E.on (214th and $7,061 m)
  5. Iberdrola (416th and $4,126 m)
  6. NationalGrid (416th and $2, 269 m)

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