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ENGIE x Greater Springfield – AUSTRALIE


Comment construire une ville à zéro carbone de A à Z ?

Par ENGIE - 27 novembre 2019 - 09:04

D'ici 2050, 70% de la population mondiale sera urbaine. Pour garantir un avenir plus propre, il nous faut convertir nos villes à l'énergie propre - ou mieux encore, les concevoir de la sorte dès le départ. C'est précisément l'objectif de l’agglomération de Springfield, située dans le sud-est du Queensland en Australie. En partenariat avec Springfield City Group, ENGIE a lancé un plan zéro-carbone révolutionnaire qui fera de Springfield un modèle en matière de développement durable et d'innovation.


Les défis des clients

  • Increasing connectivity 
  • Improving well-being and user experience 
  • Transitioning to green fuels 
  • Reducing environmental impact 
  • Driving energy efficiency and performance KPIs 
  • Sourcing, producing, and storing clean energy 



ENGIE's Solution

To co-create a true city of the future and help Springfield City Group reach its net-zero goal, ENGIE implemented an integrated, 50-year plan that harnesses ENGIE’s expertise in:


  • BETTER Places: ENGIE will be involved in Springfield’s urban planning, developing public lighting, Internet of Things (IoT), and digital city solutions. Develop electric, hydrogen, and autonomous vehicle solutions, fully utilizing the potential of green mobility.
  • BETTER Efficiency: All Springfield-owned buildings—residential, commercial, and industrial—will be developed in a digitally advanced way to guarantee optimal efficiency. 
  • BETTER Energy: ENGIE will be responsible for the design, implementation, and operation of all energy infrastructure and solutions.


In addition, ENGIE is looking into establishing a local research lab to ensure Springfield remains at the forefront of green innovation.

Expertise and Offers 


  • Urban planning and engineering (BETTER Places)
  • Qualitative lighting, air quality management and other eco-friendly amenities (BETTER Places)
  • Digital solutions for enhanced services for residents (BETTER Places)
  • Alternative fuels for mobility: electric mobility, natural gas for vehicles, hydrogen mobility (BETTER Mobility)
  • Advisory, engineering and project delivery (BETTER Efficiency)
  • Energy audit and consulting (BETTER Efficiency)
  • Off-site & on-site energy production: cogeneration, solar PV, geothermal energy, biomass, biogas (BETTER Energy)


“We have one chance—and the responsibility—to get this right and be an ongoing example for others to follow. The focus on efficient and sustainable energy production, storage, and integration with the community has never been more important for Australia and for us. I’m confident that ENGIE can assist us to be a world leader in innovative and smart city solutions.”

Maha Sinnathamby, Chairman and Founder of Greater Springfield