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ENGIE x Ile-de-France Smart Services - FRANCE


Comment faire de l'Île-de-France la première région européenne en matière d'innovation numérique ?

Par ENGIE - 21 novembre 2019 - 17:37

La course au numérique est engagée entre les capitales européennes et la France est déterminée à en prendre la tête. L'Île-de-France a un objectif clair : devenir la première Smart région, véritablement connectée et leader dans le déploiement de solutions numériques. Pour y parvenir, le Conseil régional d'Île-de-France a confié à ENGIE la création d'une solution inédite : Île-de-France Smart Services, une plateforme de pointe agrégeant données territoriales, modélisation 3D et services. 

Client Challenges

  • Attracting more people, businesses, tourists or customers 
  • Improving well-being and user experience
  • Reinforcing safety
  • Increasing connectivity 
  • Revitalizing buildings, factories and districts 
  • Fostering environmental footprint reduction and with air quality improvement
  • Financing projects within budgetary constraints 


ENGIE's Solution

To support the Île-de-France region’s data innovation goals, ENGIE tapped its BETTER Places program. In consortium with subsidiaries Siradel and ENGIE Ineo, ENGIE was tasked with designing, implementing, and supporting a cutting-edge tool for optimizing the region’s data. The first of its scale in France, Ile-de-France Smart Services has several core functionalities: It’s a data aggregator and analyzer fed by various private and public sources, a 3D “digital twin” of the region allowing for visualization of current projects and efficient planning for future ones, and a smart service platform co-built with various local stakeholders and residents. 
Thanks to the Ile-de-France Smart Services platform, more than 50 services will be developed in the coming years, including My Solar Potential which accurately predicts the solar deposit of each roofs of the region, Smart Work, which shows an interactive map to find the smart work space that suits Île-de-France workers best, and more.

Expertise and Offers 

  • Urban, site and space planning & engineering
  • Qualitative lighting, air quality management and other eco-friendly amenities
  • Facilities and well-being management
  • Safety and security 
  • Connectivity
  • Digital solutions for enhanced services to inhabitants or occupants
  • Construction, promotion and revitalization of buildings and districts



1. Yves Le Gélard, Deputy CEO of ENGIE and President of SIRADEL

"This contract perfectly illustrates ENGIE's approach: combining the Group's historic savoir-faire, namely its intimate understanding of regions and their challenges, combined with strong expertise in advanced digital technologies, software, and data"

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