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ENGIE x Ile-de-France Smart Services - FRANCE


How to become Europe’s leading region in digital innovation?

By ENGIE - 07 January 2021 - 14:35

The greater Paris region Île-de-France is taking the lead in Europe’s race for digital innovation! In 2019, it began using a new tool developed by ENGIE: the Île-de-France Smart Services platform collates the largest quantity of data and number of public and private services in Europe. Its aim is to make Île-de-France the first Smart region in Europe.


ENGIE’s solution for the Île-de-France region: an open, multifunctional digital platform

The Île-de-France Regional Council asked ENGIE to design and develop a cutting-edge tool for processing the region’s data. Working with its subsidiaries Siradel and ENGIE Ineo, ENGIE designed a multifunctional platform for the region and its 12 million inhabitants. The platform’s key functionalities are as a public and private data aggregator, a 3D modelling tool for project planning, and a services platform built around partnerships with local residents and stakeholders.
The Île-de-France Smart Services platform will enable more than 50 services to be developed over the coming years and that is just the start! The platform’s open and collaborative architecture is designed to bring together a growing number of partners and projects. 


“This contract perfectly illustrates ENGIE's approach: combining the Group's historic savoir-faire, namely its intimate understanding of regions and their challenges, combined with strong expertise in advanced digital technologies, software, and data.”
Biljana Kaitovic, Executive Vice President in charge of Digital and Information Systems


Key Figures

  • 12,000 sq. km area digitally mapped 
  • 2.5 million buildings modelled in the Île-de-France Smart Services 3D digital twin