Battery storage

The need for battery storage solutions is increasing in line with the stronger penetration of renewables.

stockage d'électricité par batterie

The transition to a low-carbon economy and higher electrification implies the deeper integration of renewable energies in the electricity mix.


To ensure the security of supply, higher energy storage capacities are needed.


Batteries are a decisive complement to the portfolio of flexibility tools. Their capacity is increasing and their cost falling year on year, which makes them increasingly competitive. They can react very swiftly to demand on the electricity networks, in just seconds, and several times in the same day. This makes them a priority tool for balancing intra-day operations. ENGIE is currently focused on the mature Li-Ion battery technology to deploy development projects concerning its Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) activity.


Key figures in 2023

  • 1.3 GW battery storage


Our objectives for 2030

  • 10 GW

Current projects: 

  • Commissioning of Hazelwood storage in Australia, with a capacity of 150 MWh. Read more
  • Acquisition of Broad Reach Power in Texas, USA with 350 MW capacity in operation and 880 MW under construction, due to enter service in 2024. Read more
  • Sun valley project combines a solar photovoltaic plant (250 MW) and battery storage (100 MW) in Texas. Read more