Energy distribution

The final links in an especially complex chain, distribution networks transport natural gas to the end consumer. Involved in every stage of the natural gas value chain, ENGIE has built up a major distribution network which it maintains and operates, in France and abroad, with a permanent concern for reliability and safety.

Energy distribution


ENGIE, a major player in gas distribution


Gas distribution networks are structures that are mainly made up of medium or low pressure pipelines. Their role is to route natural gas to end consumers.


ENGIE has the largest natural gas distribution network in Europe. In France, the Group manages a 194,600 km network via its subsidiary GrDF, in charge of its upkeep, functioning and development.

GrDF, France’s dedicated/specialist gas distribution independent subsidiary


European regulations require energy supply activities to be legally separate from network management activities. To this end, on 1st January 2008 ENGIE set up Gaz Réseau Distribution de France (GrDF), a 100% owned subsidiary, to manage the 194,600 km gas distribution network in France.
GrDF serves some 9,495 districts in France, representing almost 77% of the population.


In the context of a competitive, open market, GrDF provides all natural gas suppliers in the market access to the distribution network. These suppliers have the distribution capacity and the information needed for servicing their customers placed at their disposal, providing them with the best possible service.


The aim of the Group is to increase this network capacity to be able to keep up with the growing demand and guarantee an optimum level of safety.
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ENGIE’s international gas transportation and distribution activities


Outside of France, ENGIE owns shares in nearly 100,000 km of gas operators’ networks:


  • more than 15,000 km in gas transportation and distribution pipelines outside of Europe,
  • 6 gas distribution companies in Mexico,
  • 17,200 km distribution network in Romania (Distrigaz Sud Retele), 23,000 km distribution network in Hungary (Égáz-Dégáz Földgázelosztó),
  • Presence in Slovakia (SPP), Argentina (Litoral Gas and Gasoducto Nor Andino) and Peru (TGP), through investment interests,
  • 1 gas transportation and distribution company in Thailand (PTT NGD and Amata NGD).