ENGIE owns numerous infrastructures related to its activities in LNG regasification, natural gas storage and transport, and electricity and natural gas distribution. Due to the opening up of European energy markets, the access of alternative energy suppliers to these facilities is based on strict principles of transparency and non-discrimination.



A solid implantation in Europe


ENGIE, through its independent subsidiaries, is the leader in natural gas infrastructures in Europe:

  • No. 1 European network for natural gas transport
  • No. 1 European network for natural gas distribution,
  • No. 1 in Europe for natural gas storage capacity,
  • No. 2 in Europe for offloading capacity in LNG terminals.

The Group is developing its infrastructures and projects to invest 3.0 to 3.3 for their development, from 2019 to 2021.


  • Gas transport and electricity transmission: the heart of the ENGIE network.
    From the place where energy is produced to distribution over networks and grids, energy is routed over transmission and transport infrastructures. In line with current regulations and local energy policies, ENGIE operates, maintains and adapts its transport infrastructures: gasoducts, compression plants and high-voltage lines. Together with the Group deployment strategy, safety management remains a front-line problem to be dealt with. In France, GRTgaz, an independent subsidiary of ENGIE, operates more than 32,000 km of gas transmission networks.


  • LNG terminals indispensable technical expertise: when the gas production site is isolated or too far from the place of consumption to allow for gas pipeline transport, natural gas is transported in the from the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas). A crucial link in supplying natural gas, LNG requires special facilities.


  • Gas storage: to secure supply A major player in gas storage, ENGIE manages infrastructures in France and in Europe. Indispensable in the field of natural gas and LNG, storage ensures secure markets and supplies. Underground storage activities are conducted by Storengy, a wholly-owned Group subsidiary.Acknowledged for its expertise, it develops significant projects on the international scene (Germany, the United Kingdom, etc.).


  • Energy distribution: the last link To route energy up to the point where it will be used, the distribution grid, open to all suppliers, is the last link in the gas supply chain. Gaz Réseau Distribution de France (GrDF), wholly-owned Group subsidiary, manages close to 200 000 km of the gas distribution grid in France. Strong in this expertise, the Group conducts its gas distribution activities in other countries, notably Romania, Mexico, Argentina and Turkey.