Solar energy

Every year, solar systems generate more than 20 times the power needed to meet the world’s energy needs. And yet, this technology still represents only 1% of global power generating capacity. The ENGIE aim is to do whatever it takes to increase the contribution made by this renewable clean energy source to its own energy mix by acting directly at every link in the value chain, from research through manufacture to installation.

The sun, an unlimited source of energy for humanity, provides competitive energy with high potential. Solar energy could account for as much as 16% of total electricity production by 2050 (compared to 1.8% in 2016 – source: International Energy Agency).


That’s why we have been investing for several years in solar energy, an inexhaustible energy with low CO2 emissions which doesn’t harm the environment or local residents, and sustainably meets the needs of individuals in electricity. The Group wishes to contribute to a more harmonious world, where progress meets the expectations of individuals, populations and the planet, a future that respects both individual and collective needs. Solar energy responds perfectly to these challenges, and has its place in the energy mix, as one of the pillars of a sustainable energy transition.


Solar energy


Over the years, ENGIE has invested in various solar technologies, using ever more innovative solutions. Thus our photovoltaic park, which has a total capacity of 1,850 MW worldwide and is the largest in French with 12% of the market, includes concentrated solar power plants and organic photovoltaic, centralized and decentralized production solutions, sometimes combined with energy storage. Read about some examples of our projects!


  • Alata, a hybrid plant in Corsica, combines production and storage
  • Power Corner, when solar energy brings light to African villages
  • Heliatek, une nouvelle technologie : le photovoltaïque organique
  • Kathu, une centrale solaire à condensation d’envergure


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Discover our projects: 

Alata, or storing solar energy


Solar energy


The Alata photovoltaic plant, in southern Corsica, combines renewable production with smart energy management. Thanks to the Solar Smart Grid, surplus energy generated during very sunny periods can be stored for later injection into the network by a smart scheduling system. Offering control and stability of the solar power fed into the grid and constant power supply for more than 1,000 homes, this innovative solution promoting the development of renewable energies means energy security and self-sufficiency for this region of Corsica.


Power Corner, access to energy for all


Solar energy


Power Corner Power Corner is an innovation that gives rural populations access to electricity thanks to a connection to a mini-grid and a containerized photovoltaic production unit¬. This technical solution is combined with a participatory business model in which the rural community is implicated. It is a model for sustainable growth that will improve daily life for isolated populations! The first Power Corner installation is in Ketumbeine, in northern Tanzania, a village of 161 homes located 36 kilometers from the grid.


Kathu, an example of concentrated solar production


Solar energy


The Kathu concentrated thermal power plant,  in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, which has a capacity of 100 MW, uses parabolic trough technology. It is equipped with a molten salt storage system providing more than 4 hours of thermal energy storage, thereby limiting the intermittent nature of solar energy.


Heliatek organic photovoltaic film: a bright low-carbon future


Solar energy


Organic photovoltaic film has been installed on the roof of the Mendès‐France junior high school in La Rochelle, France. It is designed to enable the production of green electricity on lightweight roofs, whether flat or curved, with the advantage of being quick to install and easy to recycle. ENGIE and Heliatek have joined forces to offer this innovative method of producing electricity which makes a contribution to harmonious progress.