Power Infrastructures

Power transmission is essential for deploying renewable energies and requires, now more than ever, huge investments worldwide.

ENGIE, as a major player in the energy transition, has made it an important focus of its activities in South America.


Connecting our customers to electricity facilitates the deployment of all renewable energy sources. For over 6 years now, ENGIE has been transmitting electricity in Latin America from renewable sources with 5,800 km of power transmission lines in Brazil and Chile. 


To further decarbonize energy systems and usage, we are expanding power transmission lines across the entire Latin American continent. Our target there is to reach 10,000 km of power transmission lines by 2030, and we are preparing to distribute electricity in Europe in the near future.


Key figures 

  • 5,800 km of power transmission (Brazil, Chili)
  • 1,000 km under construction (Brazil)


Key objectives for 2030

  • 10,000 km of power transmission in Latin America 
  • Development of power distribution networks in Europe