Demand side management

Flexibility of production is not the sole solution to meet the flexibility requirements of electricity networks. Demand can also be adjusted to variations in electricity production. 

Gestion de la demande d’électricité

ENGIE proposes to industrial and tertiary customers to draw benefit from their flexibility, whether through demand side management or deferred consumption. Higher electricity prices have sparked interest in flexibility reward offers, which are now an integral part of global energy efficiency approaches.


For residential customers, new services are available to manage household appliances to make savings while contributing to a stable network. The European decarbonisation scenario developed by ENGIE estimates that in 2050, the flexibility in demand will be twice as high as that delivered by production


Key figures in 2023

  • ENGIE operates several hundred megawatts of customer demand flexibility capacities and expects to reach 1 GW amounts in the coming years.
  • We manage over 22 million Retail contracts in six countries.