Laurence Jaton

What is ENGIE’s tax policy and how has it developed in recent years?

Our tax policy affirms the Group’s commitment to abide by tax laws and regulations and to pay its fair share of taxes in the countries in which it operates. The Group does not control any non- operational subsidiary established in any country classified as ‘non- cooperative’ under French law or on the EU ‘tax havens’ blacklist.

Since 2015, ENGIE has published its tax policy on its website, along with the tax amounts paid in the main countries where it operates – with more than 80% of taxes on income paid in some ten countries. It also publishes its effective rate of taxation in its Registration Document each year as an indicator of its contribution, as well as a list of its subsidiaries. The Group’s tax governance is committed to ensuring that the location of operations and the taxes paid by the Group match up.