Pierre Deheunynck

How is the recruitment policy tailored to the Group’s new needs?

To support the Group’s transformation strategy and to equip the Group with the new skills it needs, we have worked on internal training like never before. We have also drafted a new recruitment policy. First and foremost, we want to prioritize employment in each of the territories where we are established. We then equip those applicants joining us with new skills, particularly young people, given our commitment to recruit 10% of our work- study employees in Europe, through our induction and onboarding programs. Lastly, we are committed to becoming an inclusive company through our actions for diversity or skills conversion, both internally and externally.

How have ENGIE’s employee representative bodies been associated with its transformation policy?

In February 2016, we signed a European Social Agreement, aimed at supporting the Group’s transformation through sharing and dialogue on the upstream strategy, as well as by supporting all employees in terms of training and employment. Project governance involves employee representatives, the Executive Board or Entity Management, and Human Resources teams. A European Social Forum brings together all players and over 100 participants to take stock of the actions undertaken in terms of employment, mobility and training.