Pierre Monogin

How has the Board been involved with the drafting of the new strategic plan?

The new strategy was created jointly by the Executive Board, the Chairman and the Board of Directors. It was at the heart of the Board of Directors’ annual seminar held in October 2018, which defined various meeting points with the Executive Board. The development of the strategy was fueled by these numerous discussions until February 2019, when the medium- term business plan was completed and announcements were made to the market.

What is the extent of the Board’s involvement in the major climate challenges?

Major climate challenges, the impact of global warming on the world and the Group’s activities and the necessary adjustment of our activities are major concerns for the Board, and are perfectly integrated within its decisions. All its committees are concerned from one angle or another (strategy, risks and opportunities, compensation, etc.). Climate challenges must be taken into account through our offerings to companies and territories. ENGIE’s strategy is in fact to bring our customers and partners with us in terms of energy transition wherever possible and necessary.