Itw Anne Chassagnette

Why did the Group want to publish an integrated progress report as far back as 2014?

In 2014, ENGIE became the first CAC 40 company to publish an integrated progress report. The document enables the Group, present in various countries and sectors, to deliver a clear, concise, coherent, and standalone presentation of its strategy, business model, and value creation for itself and its stakeholders. This means it is based on an analysis of the whole – integrated thinking –, encompassing all of the financial and non-financial issues that have a major impact on the Group, as part of a coherent and forward-looking effort. Inspired by the framework published by the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), of which ENGIE is a member, the integrated report forms part of a determined focus on long term progress for the Group. As such, ENGIE’s integrated report is compiled as a collaborative effort that brings our people closer together. This means that from the very first report that was published, the Group has strived to bring its internal and external stakeholders together through online surveys, interviews, and panel consultations.

How does the Group contribute – on its own scale – to major trends in society? How is that reflected in the latest edition of ENGIE’s integrated report?

ENGIE’s 5th integrated progress report takes stock of the Group’s ambition, the progress made in its transformation, and the value that it creates for itself and its stakeholders. In this year’s report, ENGIE offers a fresh understanding of its work, putting it into perspective against the major structural trends that affect our industry. Major trends in society, the environment, and technology, yes, but also trends that have an impact on the energy market in particular, leading us towards a carbon free, decentralized, and digital world. With a greater focus on the most real-world subjects, the report showcases how value is created and shared with our stakeholders, in light of these major market trends and the profound transformation underway within the Group.

How does integrated thinking fit in with the Group’s ambitions?

Ever since it was first founded, and as a leader in the energy and services sectors, the Group has always been a pioneer. When it began taking steps towards a more integrated thinking back in 2014, the Group was staying true to its reputation. Today, ENGIE’s ambition is to contribute to a more harmonious kind of progress, one that reconciles the interests of all involved and that is in sync with the changes to the industry, the major trends I mentioned above. Also, to support its customers in the energy transition, the Group is redirecting its business and structure to put forward innovative solutions for governments, businesses, and householders, by giving individuals and communities the power to take action and make real choices, to reconcile financial performance with social and environmental responsibility.