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ENGIE x California State Fund


How to launch an extensive state-wide solar and renewable energy program in the USA?

By ENGIE - 02 July 2021 - 14:38

State Fund, California’s compensation insurance fund, awarded ENGIE and its partner JLL, a contract to build an extensive sustainable solar and renewable energy program at seven locations throughout the state. The program will save nearly 55 million euros in energy costs during the life of the project and will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The ENGIE solution: solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations and energy storage facilities at seven locations throughout California

In May 2021, State Fund announced the launch of an ambitious renewable energy program to reduce energy consumption. In practice, this will mean the locations—Vacaville, Pleasanton, Redding, Fresno, Bakersfield, Sacramento, and Riverside —will be equipped with a range of facilities powered by renewable energy, including solar panels and energy storage as well as electric vehicle charging stations. A total of 230,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions will be offset during a 20-year period.

The facilities provided by ENGIE will enable 311 GWh of solar energy to be produced during the 20-year period, enough to power 26,500 homes. The project will provide a reduction in CO2 emissions equivalent to taking 47,000 gas powered vehicles off the road.

This project is a huge step forward in our drive to reduce our use of fossil fuels and improve air quality throughout California,”
said Andreas Acker, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at State Fund.

By supporting State Fund’s greater environmental strategy, the construction also helps the California economy during this critical time for recovery after the pandemic,
said Courtney Jenkins, General Manager and Vice President for Cities & Communities at ENGIE North America.

Key figures

  • 7 sites included in the project.
  • 311 GWh over 20 years, projected solar energy production, enough to power 26,500 homes.
  • 230,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions offset over 20 years.