ENGIE is holding a treasure in its hands, namely 150,000 employees and its stakeholders, spread across all parts of the world.

We constitute a community of Imaginative Builders: our talents have different and unique technical skills and soft skills; they enrich our Group and contribute to harmonious progress. It is a community that is working together to find a better balance for the planet and its inhabitants. It is an approach they needs us to think in terms of ecosystems so that we can bring together complementary talents. So we aim to develop and interconnect communities that already exist throughout the Group in order to construct an organization that is open on the outside world, making collective intelligence a performance driver and generating new ideas.

The goal: reinventing our future!

Why can’t we construct the future of ENGIE together?

With Imagine 2030, a vast consultation was born from the desire to create a dialogue within ENGIE and with our stakeholders on our vision of the world in 2030 and the challenges to be met.
With over 15,000 participants, 30,000 messages exchanged and 100 trends identified, a dynamic of collective, cross-disciplinary and open intelligence has now started up.

Find out about “One day in 2030” – stories of the future imagined by ENGIE employees. Imagine 2030 was an opportunity for all ENGIE’s Imaginative Builders to project themselves, just like futurists, to a day in 2030. How will we live tomorrow? How will we get around? What futures are desirable for the energy sector? You will find a selection of eight stories dreamed up by ENGIE employees. They explore new technologies, of course (driverless cars, virtual reality, renewable energies), and offer a collective vision of a humanistic and optimistic future.

Enjoy listening.

Imagine 2030

Imagine 2030: How about telling you stories from the future?

Imagine 2030 is a vast in-house consultation process intended to liberate everyone’s energy and creativity to provide a positive vision of the future. More widely, this consultation lays the foundations of the Group’s new strategy and our purpose, focused on harmonious progress.

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Visit the near future with the ADN x ENGIE special edition (only in french).
“Tomorrow is less to discover than to invent”, wrote Gaston Berger, one of the fathers of futurology. It’s up to us to invent the future that we want to see!

Why can’t we combine business and the common good?

The ENGIE People’s Lab, our social innovation accelerator, is helping generate novel solutions. Both an ecosystem and a forum for reflection, ENGIE People’s Lab brings together several times a year passionate people drawn from ENGIE’s internal communities and the outside world – change-makers, partners, influencers and experts – to discuss topics relating to society and to the future (wellbeing, education, youth, etc.) and come up with proposals. What do all the contributors have in common? They are enthusiastic, connected and want their ideas to spread through ENGIE and the world.

Since its creation, the People’s Lab has kept its promise of taking advantage of the collective intelligence of ENGIE’s ecosystems to propose innovative answers to the social revolutions of the 21st century. Its aim is to develop the positive impact of ENGIE, fully embodying the commitment of our employees and our global citizen partners.

Why can’t we rethink our organizational models?

At ENGIE we firmly believe that Communities are levers for sharing and creation that will support the transformation of our Group. They are extremely diverse in origin, purpose and manner of operating; they have a wealth of people who are constructive, ingenious and connected to the outside world; and they constitute energy fields that contribute to the vitality and influence of ENGIE.

We are fortunate that communities are native to ENGIE. Our two best-known networks, WIN (for women) and YPn (for young professionals) date back ten years, and since then no fewer than 170 communities have been created on Yammer, our in-house social network.

Discover the Imaginative Builders key communities

Imaginative Builders

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Why can’t innovation be collaborative?

At ENGIE, we are certain that innovation is first and foremost collaborative. In our company, but also around us, there are entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, incubators, etc., running innovation ecosystems, launching calls for projects, incubating in-house projects, and so on.

Innovation, rooted in the history of the Group for more than three decades, is rewarded by our Innovation Trophies. In the process of awarding the Innovation Trophies, it takes several months to analyze the applications submitted in a number of countries, and then to designate the winners, who receive their prizes at the Innovation Trophies ceremony. They underline the relish of ENGIE employees for inventing solutions that help transform the energy and services businesses.

ENGIE is transforming itself, relying on its 150,000 Imaginative Builders to construct the future of the Group through their inventiveness, practical application and the creation of value in all our lines on business.

Why can’t university continue in the company?

Speeding up our transformation by encouraging debates, collective intelligence and networking… the foundations on which our corporate culture is based are the aim of the U-camp. More than 20 training programs offered to 900 employees of 29 nationalities from 23 Group Business Units meeting in a single venue for a week.

Looking further ahead, ENGIE has plans to create a future campus as part of an exemplary eco-neighborhood at Paris La Défense in 2022 or 2023.

 The Imaginative builders

The Imaginative builders

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 The ADN x ENGIE special edition

The ADN x ENGIE special edition

(Only in french)

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 ENGIE People’s lab

ENGIE People’s lab

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ENGIE communities

ENGIE communities

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