Making diversity a strength and inclusion a priority

Dare to be yourself and to be unique: Be.U@ENGIE.


Join us and discover how a strong diversity, equity and inclusion policy leads to good ideas, creativity, performance and social cohesion. At ENGIE, you are free to truly be yourself, with your skills… and your differences.



Origins: make the most of your uniqueness

ENGIE prides itself on welcoming people of all cultures, ethnic and social origins, skin colours, nationalities, religious beliefs and backgrounds.


50/50: equal opportunity of growth for women and men

Fifty-fifty is a programme based on concrete actions aiming to accelerate managerial parity. And this is only one of the many initiatives in support of women’s careers.


Generations: join us, and take part in the transmission of knowledge

Talent knows no age. Join a Group that promotes the employability of people belonging to different age groups – young and old alike – and promote inter-generational exchanges. After all, we have a lot to learn from one another.


LGBTQ+: feel included and respected

Your sexual orientation and gender identity are embraced with openness and care. At ENGIE, identifying as LGBTQ+ simply means being yourself.


People with disabilities: join a company with a proactive policy

We adapt our organisation and your working conditions, and not the other way around. We offer you personalised opportunities, as our goal is to welcome you in the best possible conditions, no matter the disability.