A pact between us


How would you like to put your personal convictions at the service of a collective challenge: the energy transition?


When you join ENGIE, you choose to channel your commitment and expertise towards a collective project, to give meaning to your actions and to promote the development of your professional career.




Make a major positive impact in your field

We aim to have a positive impact and to give meaning to our actions in order to accelerate the energy transition and to face the challenges of the 21st century.

We are defending a new societal model that combines economic performance, human progress and environmental protection.


Innovate and interact with a committed community

We act within a committed and game-changing community that paves the path for the future: we rely on collective power and we identify and bring together all the players who are shaping the world of tomorrow.

We adopt and promote the following five behaviours: collaboration, prioritisation, commitment, focus on business and commitment to results.


Take an active role in your career development

We all have an active role in our career, in a changing environment. Our practices are constantly evolving, be they managerial, organisational, operational, etc. As such, we ensure the support and development of our teams.

Our managers are committed to adopting behaviours in line with the following five principles: Safety & Integrity, One ENGIE, Accountability, Trust and Care.

Join us and let's act together!


A word from our employees

Engineers, data scientists, technicians, business developers, etc. each employee has a positive impact with their field and contributes to the energy transition. Discover their portrait. ⬇️