Sponsoring and patronage

Impact Together: The ENGIE sponsoring and patronage programme accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral economy for the benefit of all.

"Take action together for the climate and regenerate nature with a positive impact for all living organisms and our territories"


The challenges facing the energy sector have never been so complex: climate emergency, energy independence, security of supply, cost management. As a global energy player committed to accelerating the development of renewable energies and making gas greener, the ENGIE Group is already taking action to achieve its ambition. Its aim is to be the champion of zero-carbon energies, with a target of net zero carbon by 2045. This requires a collective, inspiring pathway towards an affordable, reliable, and just energy transition for all our stakeholders.

ENGIE sponsoring and patronage activities play a significant role in the Group's collective efforts.



How does ENGIE select sponsoring and patronage projects?

In line with our corporate purpose, climate and nature are fundamental to our commitments. Making our air more breathable, protecting the oceans, our forests, and biodiversity, protecting all forms of life and adopting more sober lifestyles and consumer habits; these are the challenges that champion our cause. We aim to take action together for the climate and help to regenerate nature with a positive impact on all living organisms and our territories.

Bolstered by this cause, each action and initiative that we support on a daily basis contributes to achieving the Group strategic initiatives.

Our CSR objectives (reducing greenhouse gas emissions, 50% of management to be female by 2030, 58% of renewable energies in ENGIE's energy production capacity by 2030) act as a guide to selecting partnerships that are consistent with our business activities, our ambitions, and our geographical presence. We seek to collectively achieve a net zero carbon world:

  • Our desire to speed up growth in renewable energies
  • Selectivity in line with our core activities and key regions

Based on three pillars (environmental, societal, technology for care), Impact Together is ENGIE's sponsoring and patronage programme that contributes to the transition to a carbon-neutral economy of benefit to all.


Reduce the impact of each individual on our environment to protect nature

For everyone to take part in protecting their local environment and its biodiversity, we support projects that aim to:

  • ●  Preserve nature: oceans, forests (biomass) and biodiversity
  • ●  Develop green cities
  • ●  Support more local consumption

Foster the useful and positive societal impact of each individual for all living organisms

So that the voices of all people, especially women and young people, can be heard, we support projects that aim to:

  • ●  Protect the most underprivileged
  • ●  Promote sport and its values (inclusion)
  • ●  Enable access to culture
  • ●  Raise awareness and educate younger generations on environmental issues and renewable energies
  • ●  Foster positive-impact entrepreneurship

A strong impact on the development of renewable energies to deploy technologies in harmony with all living organisms

To encourage everyone to consume less and above all smarter, we support projects which contribute to:

  • ●  Speeding up the widespread adoption of renewable energies to make our ecosystems greener
  • ●  Promote cleaner forms of mobility
  • ●  Boost the circular economy

Every day, through the Impact Together programme, ENGIE drives all its people to accelerate the energy transition and rise to the multiple energy challenges ahead.