ENGIE Electrabel helps its customers to consume energy in smarter ways that save money and are more sustainable. ENGIE's Belgian subsidiary company markets a Smart Energy + Service package, and offers all its customers the opportunity to receive locally-generated eco-friendly energy, regardless of their supply contract.

The world of energy is changing. The way we consume electricity is evolving. Consumers are looking for smarter, more connected solutions. As Belgium's leading power generator and supplier with 2.8 million customers, ENGIE Electrabel has designed a new energy offer that is more competitive, more innovative and more environmentally responsible.

A stakeholder in the energy transition

Working through ENGIE Electrabel, the Group continues to deliver on its four key responsibility commitments to Belgian consumers:

  • Decarbonization : in Belgium, 67% of the diversified generating resources of ENGIE Electrabel emit no CO2 whatsoever. The Group is the country's leading generator of green energy, with an installed generating capacity of 523 MW.
  • Decentralization:  : small generating units distributed at regional level are gradually taking the place of large-scale power plants, and bringing the benefits of locally-generated energy to all consumers.
  • Digitalization : ENGIE Electrabel is committed to the concept of greater connectivity, and has developed its own M2M (machine-to-machine) network to enable a million objects to communicate with each other over the next three years.
  • Reduced consumption : ENGIE Electrabel helps its customers to consume better and less to achieve the 20% reduction in primary energy consumption target set by the European Union for 2020.


A redesigned retail offer for Belgian consumers

The ENGIE Electrabel tariff structure offers customers a choice of simpler and more transparent solutions, leaving everyone free to select the contract that best suits their needs, whether fixed price or indexed :

  • Direct : an online contract that is indexed as closely as possible to the short-term market price of electricity and gas
  • Easy : prices fixed for 1 or 3 years to give customers the guarantee of knowing the price they will pay for energy in advance. This contract is also available on a variable-price basis
  • Active : the most successful digital solution yet launched into the Belgian market, which combines four years of fixed-price energy supply with smart services. Customers choosing this option receive the new ENGIE Electrabel boxx that acts as a 'digital brain' to control energy within the home

And regardless of which contract they choose, ENGIE Electrabel customers can now opt to receive 100% green, 100% local energy!

Boxx: an innovative connected service to manage your energy consumption in real time

The ENGIE Electrabel boxx enables energy savings of between 10% and 25%. This innovative device shows actual home energy consumption at a glance and in real time. Its wall-mounted touchscreen control interface makes the system very easy to use. A few clicks are all it takes to control every aspect of your energy expenditure. The boxx can also be remotely controlled from a smartphone by downloading the app. Even when far away from home, ENGIE Electrabel customers can view their energy consumption and control their electrical appliances.

The boxx contains a smart thermostat to enable it to interact with its environment. So, if the temperature in the house is too low, the boxx automatically ignites the boiler earlier to achieve the temperature desired for a particular time.

The boxx is available to all Belgian consumers, whether or not they are customers of ENGIE Electrabel. After all, the energy transition is everyone