ENGIE provides the Canadian market with a range of energy and environmental services of the highest standard in terms of quality and environmental responsibility.

Leading wind power operator

ENGIE, through its subsidiary, Ventus Energy INC, has a total wind power production capacity of 560MW, and the Group runs two of the country’s largest wind farms in Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Each with a capacity of around 90MW, they are a fine example of successful renewables in North America, and one that should be emulated. The wind farms provide clean, renewable energy to industry and hundreds of thousands of homes.

ENGIE’s renewable energy facilities in Canada


West Cape Wind Park, Prince Edward Island

With 55 turbines, this wind farm is the largest on Canada’s Atlantic seaboard. In three years, the wind farm has increased its capacity five-fold, growing from 11 turbines to number 55 today. It is now able to produce 99MW of electricity, or that used by 25,000 homes. The wind farm provides clean, renewable energy to the region’s homes and regions.

Norway Wind Park, Prince Edward Island

ENGIE signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with the city of Summerside that now obtains all of its power from the Norway Wind Park, with its production capacity of 9MW.

Caribou Wind Park, New Brunswick

This wind farm is New Brunswick’s largest, and its 33 turbines provide up to 99MW of power. Work began to build the wind farm in 2008, and it was operational in December 2009. A 20-year power purchase agreement was signed with New Brunswick Power Group that covers the wind farm’s entire production.

Cape Scott, British Columbia

The Cape Scott wind farm on Vancouver Island in British Columbia has a capacity of 99MW and was brought on line in February 2014 as part of a 20-year power purchase agreement with BC Hydro. The wind farm should produce 290GWh of renewable energy every year.

 Developing solar energy

Wind is not the Group’s only source of renewable energy. Solar power is also part of its development strategy, with the Brockville Solar and Beckwith Solar power plants in Ontario, each with a capacity of 10MW.

The Beckwith solar power plant was brought on line as part of a 20-year power purchase agreement with the Ontario Power Authority. Beckwith will double the Group’s solar power production capacity in Canada, and is its twelfth renewable energy project in the country. Located just over 30 miles from Ottawa, this project forms part of Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program and is made up of 44,000 solar panels that will produce solar energy for Ontario’s households.


  • Cogeneration of natural gas   

    As a major player in the natural gas sector, ENGIE is leading a natural gas cogeneration plant in West Windsor, Ontario, with a production capacity of 112MW. The plant provides power to the Ontario Electricity Financial Corporation, and steam to the Canadian Salt Company and Archer Daniels Midland. 
  • Storage and exploration of gas   

    A Group subsidiary, Intragaz, manages two underground storage facilities for natural gas in Quebec. In addition to storing gas, Intragaz has also been granted exploration licences in Quebec. The licence also covers the exploration of storage opportunities in traditional geological formations and saline cavities alike.

Energy services

Engie has extensive expertise in installations of innovative technical services , energy management and long-term technical and facility management . In Canada, the Group is committed to the most public buildings for their energy management.

U -drop : an Innovation of Facility management for Montreal airport

Discover the latest innovation of Services in Canada: the U -drop system, installed at the Montreal airport . This is an interface provided with a scanner that allows passengers to check their own luggage. This self-service is the first of its kind in North America Airport. Fast and easy to use, it is particularly popular with passengers but also the managers of the airport, for which it becomes easier to manage registration and therefore costs . Proof of its success : U -drop will soon be set up in Paris airports .

To sum up:

  • Nearly 900 employees of ENGIE through the various subsidiaries
  • Engie holds a portfolio of renewable energy of over 680 MW
  • Green electricity production is expected to double by 2035 from 6 % to 13 % [1] of the total electricity production.

Sources :

[1] * excluding hydropower, source : National Energy Office Canada, Report on Canada 's energy future.