ENGIE provides energy and gas services to public and private parties in Mexico through its subsidiary ENGIE MaxiGas.

In solar power, ENGIE and its partner Enlight promote self-generation of electricity with solar roof panels on Mexican homes and commercial establishments.

Power generation

The Group operates 2 steam-electricity cogeneration plants located in Monterrey and Panuco. With an installed capacity of 330 MW, they are among Mexico’s cleanest and most efficient plants. ENGIE also supply energy to over 35 important industrial companies and hundreds of thousands of households.

On 2016 and 2017, the Group was awarded with 7 renewable generation projects in Mexico´s long-term electricity auctions: Trompezon Solar Park (157 MW), Tres Mesas 3 Wind Farm (52 MW), Tres Mesas 4 Wind Farm (100.8 MW), Villa Ahumada Solar Park (199 MW), Abril Solar Park (134 MW) and Calpulalpan (254 MW). All projects are currently under construction.

Following its ambition to be the leader of the energy transition, on February 2017 ENGIE Mexico signed an equity stake in Enlight, a Mexican company dedicated to the installation and operation of intelligent solar roof panels for homes and businesses. With this operation, the Group aims to accelerate the massification of solar panel installation service on roofs, aiming to connect 40,000 new users over the next five years.

Gas distribution activities

Through is commercial brand ENGIE MaxiGas, the Group provides natural gas distribution services to residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout six states of Mexico. ENGIE MaxiGas has been recognized, over ten consecutive years, as a Socially Responsible Company.

ENGIE MaxiGas operates a 10,500 Km network and provides service to more than 435,000 clients in the country, in the following states: Estato de Mexico, Jalisco, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Tamaulipas and Queretaro

Gas transmission activities

As a major actor in natural gas, ENGIE manages the longest private gas transmission system. Its three transmission pipelines stretch over 1,290 kilometers.

Gasoducto del Bajío Pipeline (Central Region)

The Group is the sole owner of the 200 kilometer long Gasoductos del Bajío (GDB) gas transportation pipeline, crossing three states in central Mexico for gas delivery to industrial and local distribution company customers.

Energía Mayakan (Southeast Region)

The Group has a 67.5% interest in the Energía Mayakan company, which owns and operates a 780 kilometer long gas transmission pipeline which crosses four states in the Yucatan Peninsula. CFE, the Mexican national electric company, has contracted most of this pipeline’s capacity until 2026. Energía Mayakan holds the Clean Energy Certificate from the Mexican National Environmental Attorney.

Los Ramones Pipeline (Central Region)

On 2016, ENGIE Mexico put in commission Los Ramones project, a 306 km natural gas pipeline located in the central region of the country. These asset is a joint venture between ENGIE, two US Funds and PEMEX.

Compressed Natural Gas

Since 2014 ENGIE Mexico entered into the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) market by signing a strategic alliance with a local company.

With the objective to expand the CNG business, in 2015 both companies integrated a joint venture in order to build a Compressed Natural Gas Plant in the southeast of the country, in Peninsula de Yucatan. With this asset, expected to be operational on 2017, ENGIE will be able to supply clean energy to industrial and commercial customer as well as enter in Natural Gas Vehicle business in that region.

Energy Services

On 2016, ENGIE put in commission the hydraulic and sanitary facilities of two corporate towers (35 and 50 floors each) in Mexico City.

Key Figures

  • 20 years of operations in the country
  • 1,236 MW of installed capacity including more than 900 MW or solar and wind energy
  • 435,OOO residential clients
  • 5000 commercial and industrial clients
  • 10,500 kms of gas distribution network
  • 1,290 kms of gas transmission network