In order to support its business development in Mongolia, ENGIE has opened a Representative Office in Ulaanbaatar, headed up by country representative Benoît Ribesse. The ambition of the Group is to be Mongolia’s benchmark energy partner.

Over the past years, ENGIE has built important partnerships with Mongolian actors from both the public and private sectors, and is developing and studying various projects that will contribute to the efficiency, sustainability and quality of life in the country and its cities, through reliable and clean energy solutions:

ENGIE is part of a consortium that will build and operate a coal-fired plant in Ulaanbaatar

In June 2014, ENGIE and its partners Newcom, Posco Energy and Sojitz, have signed a Concession Agreement for the combined heat and power plant number 5 (CHP5), which is designed to have a small footprint on the environment, with low emission of pollutants, and low water consumption due to the use of high-efficiency technology. The plant will have an electricity capacity of 415MW and a steam capacity of 587MW. Its entire output will be purchased by the Mongolian government and the steam produced will be used for city heating in Ulaanbaatar.

Supporting a booming country with renewables and energy management services

Thanks to its significant experience in wind, solar and hydro power generation, ENGIE is also participating in the development of renewable power and develops energy efficiency services, such as engineering and energy management.

The Group attaches great importance to conserving natural resources through the development and use of new technologies in water and waste-water management.

To support the development of its partnership and business activities, the Group opened a new office, in the capital city of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, in December 2014.

Jan Flachet“In Mongolia, we plan to contribute to modernizing and expanding the power generation infrastructure, in response to the growing energy demand as a result of the country’s successful economic growth. In addition to that, it is our ambition to improve the quality of life of people living in urban areas, by contributing to the availability and affordability of energy, and by using Mongolia’s rich natural resources responsibly”

Jan Flachet, CEO of ENGIE Asia-Pacific


ENGIE Activities in Mongolia