• Power generation

ENGIE is responsible for the development of new power generation plants from renewable and thermal energy. ENGIE, together with its local partner Nareva Holding, is in charge of the operation of the 301 MW Tarfaya wind farm and of the construction of the Safi thermal power plant. These two projects represent a 3 billion euros investment for the Group.

  • Tarfaya Wind farm

Tarfaya is operated by a 50/50 joint venture between ENGIE and Nareva Holding. With its 301 MW, it is the biggest wind farm in Africa to date. It consists of 131 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.3 MW each. Launched un January 2015, the Tarfaya site represents 15% of the target Morocco has set for wind energy development. It is operated under a 20 years «Build, Own, Operate and Transfer» (BOOT).

  • The Safi thermal power plant project

The project involves the construction of two state-of-the-art thermal power generation units ( 2x693 MW). After its commissioning, expected in 2017, the electricity produced by the Safi plant will be sold to the ‘Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable’ , under a 30 years power purchase agreement. This plant is the first in Africa to use ultra-supercritical clean coal technology, which is characterized by an optimization of the environmental performance and 10% higher efficiency compared to conventional plants. These plants will thus ensure a significant reduction of CO² emissions and reduced fuel costs.

  • La compagnie du vent Morocco (LCV Morocco)

The company is active in Morocco since 2000, in the field of wind farms development. LCV Morocco is responsible for the development of two wind farms: Koudia el Baida and Lafarge, for a total capacity of 60.2 MW.

  • Energy services

The changing energy environment, and national issues in the field, create a favorable environment for the development of energy services. In Morocco, the Group meets the expectations of countries, cities and businesses with customized solutions, smart and global.

Tractebel engineering: Present in Morocco since the 80s, in the field of consulting and technical support (design and achievement monitoring of Mohammedia and Jorf Lasfar thermal power plants and engineering studies of LNG terminal project). Current projects involve both thermal plants such as Safi (developed by ENGIE Nareva and Mitsui) as photovoltaic plants (Tafilalt and Ouarzazate) which the development was decided in the frame of the "Moroccan Solar Plan". Since 2012, a dedicated subsidiary, Tractebel Engineering Morocco, was created to sustain the Group's presence in the kingdom.

With an activity distributed mainly in industry and the service sector, ENGIE, through its subsidiary Cofely, has experienced a strong growth in multi-technical services, energy efficiency and facilities management, in the last five years.

Cofely Morocco: Subsidiary of the Group, it provides multi- technical maintenance and multi-service of the new Renault plant in Tangier by a facility management contract (FM): industrial refrigeration and compressed air, high and medium voltage electricity, fire detection, video surveillance and access control, sanitation and road networks, cleanliness. Cofely Morocco is also responsible for the supervision and maintenance of equipment for the Tangier Med port. The port has seen its traffic increase by 14% in 2014.

Through its specific expertise, Cofely is also involved in operations in the field of transport and Smart Solutions:

-  Cofely Ineo: is an entity specialized in electrical engineering and communications systems, Cofely Ineo built the communications infrastructure and set up the operation support system and passenger information of the Casablanca tramway. It works also on rail signaling, telecommunications and command post, of the future high-speed line Tanger-Rabat, and aims to create networks and substations infrastructure for large wind projects of the “Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable” (ONEE).

Cofely Axima: specialist of climatic engineering and fire protection, Cofely Axima is particularly involved in the implementation of the virology center, tropical and infectious diseases, of the Mohamed V military hospital in Rabat (specific confined spaces classified as high risk level - air conditioning), or in the fire protection of the plant Bel Detanger.

ENGIE’s activities in Morocco