ENGIE began operations in Romania as long ago as 1929 via a consortium set up with a local company; since 1995, its presence has been as part of Gaz de France in Romania.The Group also provides energy and environmental services in Romania.


  • Detection of gas in Romania.
  • GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, leading energy market player in Romania.
  • Wind plant farm.


Operating via its subsidiary company GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, the Group is a leading player on the Romanian energy market. With around 1.5 million households and business customers, GDF SUEZ Energy Romania operates at every link in the energy value chain.

  • gas distribution, with an 18,550 km distribution network supplying natural gas throughout the south of the country via its subsidiary company Distrigaz Sud Retele
  • sales of natural gas to households and business customers, as well as industrial key accounts under the ENGIE brand; by the end of 2013, GDF SUEZ Energy Romania had sold more than 30 TWh of natural gas
  • sales of electricity to industrial customers also under the ENGIE brand 
  • generation of electricity from renewable sources (the Brăila Winds and Alizeu Eolian wind farms)
  • technical provider of services for in-house installations and domestic heating boilers (service, inspection and maintenance), under the brand ENGIE Romania with particular emphasis on safety.

ENGIE also operates in the Romanian gas storage market via Depomures, having a 10% market share of the country's total storage capacity.

Energy services

  • Tractebel Engineering operates in Romania via its regional company Trapec, which employs 172 people. The firm operates primarily in energy and the management of energy infrastructures (electrical power projects, heating networks, etc.)

  • Tehnomat, which has been 80% owned by Fabricom since 2000, serves the automotive industry and other industries using specialist machinery (tires, textiles, etc.). The company offers an extensive range of services covering the design, production and supply of specialist machinery and assembly lines

  • Cofely uses technical service contracts as the basis for designing and implementing energy efficiency solutions to help companies and the public sector to reduce the environmental impact of their activities

Key dates

2005 : Acquisition of the Group's largest subsidiary company in Romania, Distrigaz Sud, which would later become GDF SUEZ Energy Romania

2007 : Gaz de France acquires 65% and 59% respectively of Amgaz and Depomures (gas storage)

2009 : Establishment of the Distrigaz Confort service company and the beginning of electricity sales to industrial customers

2012 : Operational start-up of the 48 MW Gemenele wind farm

2013 : The second (50MW) wind farm comes on stream at Băleni

2014 : GDF SUEZ Energy Romania increases its holding in Congaz from 29% to 86% (Congaz distributes and sells gas in the Constanța metropolitan area)