The Group is active in 19 different companies across the energy chain value in the UK through the following businesses:

  • Exploration: Cygnus project in the North Sea.
  • Underground gas storage in Stublach.
  • Power generation in the London Olympic Park.
  • Energy services: Balfour Beatty Workplace.

Exploration & Production

ENGIE E&P UK is in charge of exploration activities of the Group in the UK, it is one of the largest operator on the market. The subsidiary operates offshore installations (50 licenses) and onshore ones (13 licenses), mainly in the North Sea. The current projects are Cygnus and Juliet, both authorized by the government in 2012.

  • Cygnus is the largest gas field discovered in the last 25 years. Through a partnership with Centrica (48.75%) and Bayerngas (12.5%), this field will be able to meet the demand of natural gas of nearly 1.5 million homes. Production will begin in the fourth quarter 2015, representing 5% of the national gas production.

  • Juliet, discovered in 2009, is operated through a partnership with First Oil Expro Ltd. (29.4%) and Hansa Hydrocarbons Ltd. (19%). Production began in January 2014, representing a volume of 800 million cubic meters per year.

ENGIE LNG UK Ltd is responsible for the development of the business unit in the region. Since 2008, the subsidiary operates a long-term contract for access to the LNG terminal in the Isle of Grain. In 2013, two cargos had delivered a volume of 1.87 TWh of LNG.

Gas storage

Storengy UK, ENGIE subsidiary, develops and operates since 2007 a gas storage facility by salt cavities, in Stublach, Northwest of England. Under development, its capacity will reach 400 million cubic meters in 2018, covering 12% of the average daily needs, and becoming the largest cavern storage by salt in the UK.

Power generation

ENGIE Energy UK operates not only a diverse portfolio of assets, including gas, coal, pumped storage and renewable generation, but also a retail business and a trading function in the country. ENGIE Energy UK-Turkey is one of major electricity generators with a merchant generation fleet of thirteen operational assets with a total capacity of 8.2 GW gross capacity in operation (4.9 GW net capacity in operation)1 representing approximately 6% of the UK installed generation capacity. Five of the power plants and the trading operations are 75% owned by ENGIE and 25% by Mitsui since 2007.

1 As at 30 June 2014.

NuGeneration Ltd.

Since June 2011, and the government authorization, ENGIE is developing with Toshiba a new generation nuclear program : NuGeneration Ltd. On the site of Moorside (West Cumbria) which has already a capacity of 3.6 GW, three new reactors will be built by 2024. The new equipment, resolutely modern, will help to raise the overall production capacity to 7 GW, which represents the energy required to provide more than 12 million homes in UK.

Retail business

Operating in the UK supply market since 1999, ENGIE Energy UK is a retail business, supplying electricity and gas to industrial and commercial customers.

  • 665 million therms gas and 10.4 TWh power portfolio
  • 5,500 business premises with power
  • 5,500 business premises with gas
  • One of the top seven UK suppliers of power and gas to business customers

In addition to supplying energy, ENGIE Energy UK is a market leader in demand-side services and a growing provider of export contracts and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). ENGIE Energy UK also have a 30% ownership interest in Opus Energy, an electricity and gas supplier to around 150,000 small and medium sized business premises, which was established in 2002.

Energy services

  • ENGIE Cofely
    ENGIE Cofely acquired in December 2013, the British management activities of Balfour Beatty WorkPlace. This entity is present in four key areas of activity: energy services, technical services, facilities management and outsourcing business process, offering individual or fully integrated services to hospitals, schools, and public buildings.
    In July 2014, ENGIE Cofely also acquired the facility management portfolio of Lend Lease Group. This entity enables ENGIE to provide a range of facility management services in Britain and Ireland, particularly in health, education, and retail sectors.

  • ENGIE Ineo
    Founded in 1998, the subsidiary is a major player in the fields of electrical plants, information and communication systems, and related services. ENGIE Ineo apply its expertise in six sectors : industry, services, energy, defense and aerospace, telecommunications and transportation.

  • ENGIE Fabricom
    ENGIE Fabricom is a leading organization in the UK market and has a strong presence in Europe. The subsidiary develops offers of consulting, engineering, construction and facilities maintenance, to petroleum, gas, power and renewable industries.