Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

In May 2013, ENGIE (16.6%), in connection with Sempra (50.2%), Mitsubishi (16.6%) and Mitsui (16.6%), signed with Cameron LNG a liquefaction and regasification agreement. The third largest importer in the world,with significant activities in Europe and the U.S., ENGIE is increasing its long-term liquefaction supply by four million metric tons per annum (mpta) through this agreement, strengthening its position in the global energy sector to 20 mtpa.

ENGIE’s LNG import and distribution facility in Everett, Massachusetts just north of Boston is the longest operating import facility in the country, serving a range of needs for more than 40 years, from home heating to power generation. Today LNG is also a cutting edge solution for fueling trucks, boats, and rail cars.

  • Arrival of the Matthew for its 1000th LNG delivery to the Everett terminal just north of Boston.
  • ENGIE’s LNG import and distribution facility in Everett, Massachusetts.

Production and sale of electricity

Pumped storage hydro power station in Massachusetts

In the United States, ENGIE operates a portfolio of power and cogeneration plants with a capacity of about 11,500 MW. Power generation fueled by natural gas is supplemented by renewable energy: hydro, biomass, and solar. Together, these facilities allow the company to be a major commercial and industrial electric power supplier in various parts of the U.S. under both short- and long term contracts. Meanwhile, the group also provides retail electricity and related services to large andsmall businesses and now residential customers, helping them to better manage their consumption and budget.

Energy Efficiency

Through its subsidiary Cofely, ENGIE offers smart energy management solutions to commercial and industrial customers throughout North America. Cofely offers complete solutions for managing energy bills and other services, allowing the purchase of energy at the best price, optimizing plant operation, and improving energy efficiency through data management. The company serves 700,000 customer locations.