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ENGIE Electrabel launches a photovoltaic solar offer for businesses in Belgium

Following on the offer of solar panels for homeowners it launched in August, the ENGIE Group’s Belgian subsidiary is now extending its service to businesses, local authorities and public institutions. The benefits for customers? Lower energy bills, and the chance to become owners of their photovoltaic installations.

According to the International Energy Agency, solar panels could generate 25% of Belgium’s electricity needs, representing an annual saving of 8 million tonnes of CO2.

60 satisfied customers have already seen “trouble-free” solar installations fitted in their homes since August. Now the offer of photovoltaic panels developed by ENGIE Electrabel and its partner, Sungevity, has an equivalent in the professional sector: an offer called Sun4Business, which is the result of a collaboration between the ENGIE Group’s Belgian subsidiary and Orka, a company with 32 MW of installed capacity in Flanders and Brussels to its credit.

Following an initial appointment and a technical audit, the installation of solar panels is mostly carried out by teams from Solar Technics. It enables businesses, local authorities and public institutions to benefit from locally generated green electricity at a price between 20% and 50% lower than that of “traditional” electricity supplied by the grid.

A third-party investor model…

The Sun4Business offer is particularly attractive for businesses, because it allows the installation of solar panels using a third-party investor solution. ENGIE Sun4Business invests in the installation and supplies the business with green energy under favorable conditions. Customers not only benefit from lower energy bills, but they can also become owners of the installation after 10 or 20 years.

“At this stage, the electricity that the business produces costs them practically nothing, except for the cost of maintaining the installation. If it doesn’t consume all the energy it generates, ENGIE Electrabel offers to purchase electricity this is fed into the grid. This means that the business can operate the panels for its sole benefit for 10 years without having invested a single euro at the outset,” explains Françoise Sotiau, Project Manager Distributed Generation B2B at ENGIE Electrabel.

… promoting the energy transition

In a rapidly changing energy world where decentralized generation, reduced carbon emissions and digitized energy solutions are of vital importance, solar energy is one of the most promising avenues. It is the least expensive form of energy, and there is considerable potential for production: in Belgium alone, solar panels could account for 25% of electricity consumption, which would mean savings of 8 million tonnes of CO2 each year, according to the International Energy Agency.

The Sun4Business offer is fully in line with the ENGIE Group’s strategy of becoming world leader in the energy transition. With Sun4Business, ENGIE Electrabel hopes to exceed 60 MW of installed capacity in Belgium by 2020.

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