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LNG, a major strategic advantage in gas supply

The Fos Tonkin LNG tanker terminal - GDF SUEZ is now ENGIE

LNG constitutes a real strategic advantage for the Group, as it does for all energy players around the globe: it is the ideal solution for transporting natural gas that comes from deposits located in faraway areas where it has proven impossible to build gas pipelines. LNG thus contributes to natural gas supply diversification and securement in Europe.

Elengy, an ENGIE subsidiary specializing in LNG terminals around the world

ENGIE’s LNG terminal businesses in France have been transferred to its subsidiary, Elengy, which was created on December 31, 2008. It operates three facilities for use by international energy providers:

  • the Montoir-de-Bretagne LNG terminal (capacity 10 Gm3/year)
  • the Fos Tonkin LNG terminal (capacity 3 Gm3/year)
  • the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal (capacity 8.25 Gm3/year)

A pioneer in the sector, Elengy lends its expertise in LNG to development projects for LNG terminals throughout the world. The company applies the highest standards in the market, and is diversifying the uses of its infrastructures and its expertise to meet its customers’ needs:

  • Providing its customers with high-quality services at the best price: berthing and unloading of LNG, regasification services, within-day flexibility,
  • Transforming its terminals into LNG hubs, by developing new services: reloading of ships, transshipment, loading services for small-scale LNG tankers and road tankers,
  • Supporting the growing popularity of LNG around the globe via strategic partnerships or consultancy services for onshore or offshore LNG terminal projects.

Elengy, which recently became a GRTGAZ subsidiary owned 75% by ENGIE, operates through two specialist companies

  • Elengy Hub & Expertise, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elengy, primarily manages transshipment operations, which are non-regulated.
  • Fosmax LNG, a subsidiary in which Elengy holds a stake of more than 70% alongside the Total subsidiary TGEHF (Total Gaz Electricité Holding France), owns the Fos Cavaou LNG terminal.

ENGIE is accelerating its development in new uses for LNG

LNG carried on installations in Montoir de Bretagne

ENGIE has set its sights on becoming a reference player contributing to the development of retail LNG. This fast-growing market in France and Europe is made up of two segments:

  • Road-transported LNG, used to supply small markets or isolated customers not hooked up to natural gas networks: manufacturers, local gas distributors, electric power stations,
  • LNG fuel (for maritime transport and heavy trucks), which offers significant economic and environmental advantages by comparison with oil-based fuels.

Elengy offers its customers an LNG truck-loading service at its Montoir-de-Bretagne and Fos Tonkin terminals. For the future, Elengy is examining the options for loading LNG onto barges or small-scale LNG tankers, which could then be used to supply coastal sites or for ship bunkering operations (for cruise ships, etc.).