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ENGIE x Commune de Marcoussis

How do you carry out a remarkable solar power project on a wasteland?

By ENGIE - 04 October 2021 - 11:57



The Marcoussis commune, whose buildings rely on green electricity for more than a third of their electrical consumption, was looking to further its energy transition and to revive a piece of land that contained railway embankments. 


ENGIE’s solution: a solar farm protecting an area of biodiversity.

Who said that solar energy could not be used in the Île-de-France region? Certainly not ENGIE Green who, alongside the Marcoussis commune and SIGEIF (energy syndicate in Île-de-France), has installed nearly 60,000 solar panels in this town in the French department of Essonne! This extraordinary solar farm has a capacity of 20.3 MWp and supplies electricity to some 10,000 people each year. It also revives a vast area of unused land while preserving its biodiversity. The park has been designed so that animals can easily move around. Wildlife refuges have been created for certain species, such as the praying mantis or the bullfinch. An eco-grazing project with a sheep farm to maintain the land is also being set up. The project makes it possible to use 114 acres for short-circuit agriculture. The site has been designed with eco-responsibility in mind: the silicon-based Norwegian panels that were selected have one of the lowest carbon footprints on the market.


Residents in support of the project

The way the project was financed is also unprecedented. The residents of the commune, urban area and department were successfully invited to take part in a crowdfunding campaign. Close to €1.4 M was thus quickly raised among the environmentally-conscious residents, with contributions ranging between €10 to €5,530.
The largest park of its kind north of the Loire, the Marcoussis site will allow the commune to be partially self-sufficient within a region where energy is primarily imported. 



“The Marcoussis project is exceptional for more than one reason.” To start, it covers the needs of 10,000 residents. It is co-developed alongside the commune and SIGEIF, both of whom are firmly committed to the energy transition and a carbon-free economy. And finally, because the crowdfunding campaign was the most successful fundraiser conducted in France by ENGIE Green. ” 
Nicolas Giuliano, Development Director at ENGIE



“This project reflects the commune’s desire to reduce their energy consumption. It is promising in terms of sustainable development, and is strengthened by the successful crowdfunding operation which encourages residents to get involved.”
Olivier Thomas, Mayor of Marcoussis



The project in figures:

  • Close to 60,000 panels installed.
  • Total power of 20.3 MWp, used to generate 21,629 MWh/year, i.e. the domestic electricity consumption of 10,000 people.
  • 9000 tonnes of CO2 emissions are prevented annually, i.e. the consumption of 800 French residents. 
  • 96% natural grassland on the 57-acre site.