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ENGIE x The Ohio State University - USA


How to transform one of the United States’ largest universities into a more efficient, sustainable campus?

By ENGIE - 16 December 2019 - 21:13

As a prominent higher education institution, The Ohio State University, one of the largest university campuses in the U.S, has long been committed to excellence. And with an ambitious goal to modernize its 485-building campus, the University’s Board of Trustees selected ENGIE and its partner Axium Infrastructure to address the University’s energy supply and sustainability goals. Over a contract that spans 50 years, ENGIE and Axium are working with the University to optimize its energy use, and limit its environmental footprint—all while developing a cutting-edge research initiative.


Key Figures

Client Challenges


  • Being an academic leader in sustainability
  • Limiting environmental footprint 
  • Creating a long-term relationship with an energy sector partner to ensure continuous innovation and academic collaboration
  • Boosting attractiveness to prospective students


“This partnership positions us as an international leader in energy and sustainability and further strengthens Ohio State as a national flagship public research university.”
Michael V. Drake, President of The Ohio State University

ENGIE's Solution


To help Ohio State University secure a cleaner tomorrow, ENGIE is implementing a comprehensive, long-term plan that involves three of its programs:


  • BETTER Efficiency: Improving building efficiency and the performance of existing assets such as the district’s cooling and heating network, ENGIE contributes to better energy efficiency.
  • BETTER Energy: ENGIE is advising the University on its energy consumption and implements digital tools to handle the operation and optimization of energy supply, production, and distribution across steam, refrigeration, gas, and electricity. ENGIE and Axium are also prepared to invest in on-site energy facilities, such as solar panels, which will contribute to this overall optimization. 
  • BETTER Places: ENGIE is mobilizing features like Siradel 3D modeling to improve the on-campus experience for students, faculty; and visitors.


Finally, to ensure continued energy excellence in the future, ENGIE and Axium have plans to build a groundbreaking Energy Advancement and Innovation Center. Functioning as a living laboratory, the center will bring together faculty, students, alumni, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and ENGIE researchers to imagine the energy solutions of the Future.


Expertise and Offers Mobilized


  • Energy efficiency
  • On-site energy production
  • 3D modeling
  • Energy advisory
  • Public-private partnership negotiation
  • Digitalization of energy infrastructure