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ENGIE x Stellantis


How to decarbonize and improve the energy performance of an industrial facility?

By ENGIE - 04 July 2023 - 15:53

Stellantis is committed to decarbonizing its activities and is seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of its industrial sites. The vehicle manufacturer has selected ENGIE to supply its historic Sochaux plant with green electricity.


The ENGIE solution: solar canopies over the factory's vehicle yard

Stellantis has adopted an ambitious approach intended to halve its CO2 emissions by 2030 from a 2021 baseline, and to achieve net-zero carbon emission by 2038. This energy transition notably entails decreasing the carbon footprint of its industrial sites. This applies to the iconic plant in Sochaux, in eastern France, where the vehicle maker contracted ENGIE, 1st producer of electricity from solar power in France, to design, finance, build and operate one of the largest solar canopy farms of France.


Vehicle yard transformed into a solar power plant

The solar plant, which was brought online  in October 2022, is installed on the 22-hectare vehicle dispatching yard adjacent to the plant. It features approximately 64,000 canopy-mounted solar modules. These slanting structures covered with solar panels are designed to track the sun. The 10,000 vehicles parked underneath are sheltered from the elements. More importantly, this solar plant with an installed capacity of 29 MWp generates enough electricity to cover one third of the Stellantis plant’s power needs, equivalent to the annual consumption of 13,000 people. ENGIE will operate the plant for 30 years. 
Additionally, ENGIE has optimised the site’s night lighting, re-lamping with LED systems, with the aim of reducing the plant’s environmental footprint.



The project in figures

  • 64,000 solar modules installed in canopies above the 22-hectare vehicle yard.
  • 29 MWp installed capacity, representing the annual electricity consumption of 13,000 people.
  • Power purchase price guaranteed for 20 years.
  • 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided annually.



"We are aiming to become a zero-carbon site and are fully committed to a sustainable development approach"
Frédéric Maliczak, director of technical services at the Stellantis Sochaux plant.