In addition to its electricity and gas offers, ENGIE offers business users, local authorities and domestic consumers a broad range of energy services (engineering, energy performance management, facility management, electrical and climate control engineering, information systems, industrial maintenance, etc.).

In the context of the current energy transition to a low-carbon economy, ENGIE wishes to help its private sector and public sector customers to grasp and manage the complex issues that surround energy management. The aim of this assistance is to cut their costs, reduce their consumption and shrink their environmental footprint. That’s why energy services are now one of the Group’s most dynamic vectors for growth.

By converging innovative digital technologies with new uses for energy, ENGIE is designing and implementing a broad range of BtoB and multi-technical energy services for the management of infrastructures and industrial, commercial and residential buildings. These services include engineering, energy performance management, data management, heating and cooling networks, industrial maintenance, the supply of energy from renewable and decentralized sources, electrical and climate control engineering and green mobility.

Just some examples of services provided by the Group...

  • the 5-year contract signed with Transports of London to supply maintenance services for more than 500 locations on the London Underground,
  • the 50-year energy management contract signed with Ohio State University, one of the largest university campuses in the USA, with 485 buildings ,
  • the 5-year facility management contract covering the 28,000 m2 Greek National Opera House, the country’s 23,000 m2 National Library, and 210,000 m2 of parks and gardens (services include technical maintenance, energy, security and cleaning services, as well as waste management and landscaping services),
  • the contract to build two XXL cruise ships for the MV Werften shipyards on the Baltic coast of northern Germany,
  • energy solutions to optimize consumption at the PSA vehicle plant at Poissy in France,
  • the energy contracts for 140 schools in the City of Paris,
  • the 250 urban heating and cooling networks operated by ENGIE worldwide.

Recognition as the benchmark stakeholder

An operating presence in some forty countries through its subsidiary companies Tractebel ENGIE (energy and infrastructure engineering), ENGIE Cofely (energy services), ENGIE Ineo (electrical installations), ENGIE Axima (climate control, refrigeration and fire protection), Endel ENGIE (industrial services) and ECOVA (smart energy management). ENGIE already leads the market in several of these countries: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Singapore, Chile, Switzerland and the UK , where the Group has just acquired the building regeneration specialist Keepmoat Regeneration.

The Group intends to extend this presence to new regions, with particular focus on high-growth countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Brazil, Mexico and Africa.

To achieve this, the Group intends to rely on the diversity of its energy service offer, the high performance of its innovative technologies, and the sound relationships it has with its customers. This expansion will be achieved through organic growth and external acquisition.

Power & Heat Generation

EMS is a service provider ensuring a competitive advantage by building and using specialized Maintenance and Operations know-how.

Power & Heat Generation assets are our core business. We have more than 50 years of experience of tailor made asset management solutions and maintenance expertise to improve the profitability of your plants.

Benefitting from the skills of 140 specialists, our activities encompass the entire power generation value chain, including gas turbine, steam turbine, generator, boiler, pressure parts, electrical equipment, aero derivative engine.

Targeted external growth

The Group plans to make acquisitions totaling €2 billion by the end of 2018 to expand its portfolio of technologies, establish a presence in new countries and seize new opportunities in the high-growth market for energy services. It is this policy that led to the recent acquisition not only of Keepmoat Regeneration, but also of the US companies ECOVA (smart energy management), OpTerra (energy efficiency services),and Greencharge Networks (battery storage systems) as well as Icomera, the Swedish specialist in embedded Internet connectivity for transportation systems. Its 40% equity stake in Tabreed, the specialist in climate control systems for the Gulf region, also makes ENGIE the world’s largest independent provider of urban cooling networks.