Facility Management

By ENGIE - 04 March 2015 - 12:00

Facility Management



ENGIE offers its public-sector and private-sector customers a raft of integrated and bespoke services to improve overall performance of their facilities and create a safe, efficient and comfortable living environment for those who work in them.


Whether the services concerned are dedicated to occupants (security, catering, cleaning, landscape management, reception, parking lot management and vehicle fleet management) or building operation (heating and ventilation, fluid management, power (high and low voltage), elevators and automated doors and gates), ENGIE takes care of all Facilities Management services under the terms of single site and multi-site contracts.


As single partner, ENGIE provides its customers with a global overview of precisely how their assets are performing.

Facility Management



Queen Alexandra Hospital - Portsmouth (UK)


A long term FM contract


ENGIE has secured a long-term contract to provide total facilities management - including property and building services management, energy services, construction project works and asset lifecycle replacement at Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust’s Queen Alexandra Hospital (QAH) in Cosham, in a deal worth a total of £1.3 billion.


  • 22-year contract worth a total of £1.3 billion
  • Scope includes total FM, project works and lifecycle management
  • Contract follows interim services arrangement since Carillion collapse


ENGIE will be responsible for the management of 950 employees across the hospital site.


ENGIE will carry out full refurbishments of the main restaurant and the current Costa outlet which will not only enhance the facilities for those who use them, but also provide increased capacity for years to come.


ENGIE has long term experience in successfully providing facilities management services to a wide range of healthcare establishments across the UK, including primary care facilities and major acute hospitals.

Facility Management



Grant Thornton – London (UK)


A Total Facilities Management (TFM)


ENGIE has been providing tailored facilities management services to Grant Thornton since 2009. By working in close partnership with the company, ENGIE has transformed service delivery from a multi-supplier environment to a single point of contact for the management of all facilities procurement, operation and delivery.


Grant Thornton UK LLP requires the highest standards of building and facilities management for its UK estate, which includes its headquarters in London and 29 offices across the country.


ENGIE provide a full suite of hard and soft services to Grant Thornton, from mechanical, engineering and fabric maintenance, waste and water management through to cleaning, catering and hospitality, front-of-house and switchboard services, grounds maintenance and security.


The service delivery model varies across the estate, from full self-delivery of all services in London, to sub-contracted services and landlord responsibilities in regional offices across the UK.


ENGIE has introduced many initiatives to deliver the required 10% reduction in gas and electricity usage. In addition to energy-savings, ENGIE has helped to create jobs for local people (including the homeless) and engaged with local schools and the wider community.

Facility Management



Musée du Quai Branly - Paris (France)


Working through its subsidiary company ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE is the sole Facilities Management partner of the Musée du Quai Branly for all services, from high-quality multilingual visitor reception facilities to the security of heritage buildings and art collections, ensured continuity of operation by adapting resources to individual events and visitor traffic (a total of 230 staff providing 24/7 cover), landscape maintenance, waste management, security services and comprehensive multi-technical maintenance management... ENGIE Cofely covers the full spectrum, from service coordination to cost control and effective energy efficiency to lower overall consumption. ENGIE also supports and contributes to the CSR commitment of the Museum, implementing practical solutions for meeting employment, diversity, training and Health & Safety targets.


Key figures

46,666 m² total floor area
18,000 m2 of gardens and a 800 m2 green wall
3,500 exhibits + 300,000 in the reserve collection; 1.3 million visitors per year; 12.5% energy savings