FACT 09 - Our goal: 50% of work-study trainees hired at the end of their programme

By ENGIE - 22 April 2022 - 14:09

Today, ENGIE is building the low-carbon energy system of tomorrow. And because every idea counts, we are relying on young people to help us develop it. Our goal? To recruit young people who want to push the boundaries, and train them in our new professions. While training and career development are in the Group's DNA, we want to go one step further and make the work-study programme our fast track to recruitment.


Every year in France, we recruit over 4,000 work-study trainees.  And aim to reach 10% of the French workforce by the end of 2023. Half of them will be hired on a fixed-term or permanent contract in our technical professions at the end of their programme. By choosing ENGIE's work-study programme, young people are sure to receive training in a profession for the future and to maximise their chances of landing their first job. 

Discover our professions for the future

There is no country or sector that will avoid the energy transition. That is why ENGIE offers work-study contacts and professional training in France and abroad, in all 23 of its job families. These programmes are a springboard to positions such as technician, engineer, project manager, sales representative... and hundreds of other meaningful professions that contribute to tackling climate challenges.

And because technical roles account for 70% of our workforce, it is vital that we train our young employees in our professions and our specialities. That is why we set up the Energy Transition Academy. ENGIE's apprenticeship training centre (CFA) trains our young recruits in four of the Group's essential technical roles: heating engineers, HVAC (Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning) technicians, refrigeration specialists and renewable energy technicians. Not only does it provide customised training programmes that combine theoretical learning with professional experience at ENGIE, but it is free of charge and remunerated! Resulting in new skills, a network... and, very often, a fixed-term contract!


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Discover yourself, discover other people

The work-study programme is the ideal way to learn to get to know and get on with each other, confirm your career choice, and even "approve" your future employer. By laying the foundations for your network, and by providing a business card, it is the perfect way to begin your career.

The work-study programme also boosts intergenerational solidarity by triggering the virtuous circle of skills transmission. A tutor accompanies each work-study trainee to help them settle in, to pass on knowledge and experience, and to help them build their career.


"Having been an apprentice since I was 14, I joined ENGIE to take the maintenance technician vocational diploma. I was the 'little one' in a team of older technicians at Le Creusot. They took me under their wing and encouraged me to continue studying. So I started an advanced technician's certificate (BTS) in Systems Maintenance and ENGIE offered me a position in the Dijon maintenance team. This year I got my degree and have just become a research technician. I switched from work site to office. What the work-study programme did for me? It helped me mature quicker and move up the ladder by validating eight years of studies. Having been a plumber-heating technician, I now have a better understanding of work in the field."    
Nicolas, 23 years old, Research technician at ENGIE


The work-study programme is open to everyone!

ENGIE is committed to creating a more inclusive society and encouraging diversity in its recruitment policies. Our work-study programme attracts people from all backgrounds - young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods or from French Overseas Territories, people with disabilities, etc. - because we are convinced that diversity is a source of inspiration and innovation.

This commitment is demonstrated through our membership of PaQte, a programme that supports promotion and recruitment of work-study trainees from disadvantaged neighbourhoods or rural areas. To ensure they have every chance of success, we recognise their potential for learning and their motivation, rather than simply their technical knowledge or former education. We also provide internal training programmes like our Passerelles Métiers (employment bridge) plan to young candidates from outside the Group who have no pre-existing qualifications in the particular field. 

We also pay as much mind to inclusion. We encourage people with disabilities to join the Group and we have set a target of 3% of all our work-study contracts in France.

We also pay particular attention to diversity and gender equality in our workforce. By welcoming young women from an early age, we aim to convince girls that anything is possible and that they all have a role to play in the future of the energy sector. Particularly in technical and scientific disciplines. Work-study programmes are also a springboard for everyone.


The studies I chose were too theoretical for me. I wanted more technical training. I began a work-study programme with ENGIE, studying for a professional qualification certificate in heating maintenance at AFPA (national association for adult professional training) in Metz. After a few weeks, I was already working autonomously, organising my days and carrying out boiler maintenance on my own.
That's the advantage of working in the field every day. Not for one minute did I stop to question joining this predominantly masculine profession. I am quite wilful and sure of what I want.  If there were any doubts about my ability to begin with, it had more to do with me being new to the job than being a woman. Here, the working environment, assignments and career prospects are a real bonus." 

Fiona, 22 years old, maintenance technician on a work-study contract at ENGIE