How do communities unleash business potential in employees within companies?

By ENGIE - 09 February 2021 - 10:46

Although collective intelligence dates as far back as humanity itself, the social network boom gave an enormous thrust to the way we perceive community. Within companies, these networks are multiplying and are developing in everyone's interest.


A community is simply a group organised around a common interest, expertise, passion, idea... Collective dynamics reinforce knowledge and the capacity to act in a quick and agile manner. Today, mass broadcasting on social networks brings a novel strength to these networks, including in business.


Communities: sources of potentials

Goal: to unlock both skills and the mind. For companies, this is a great opportunity to create value by developing new sources of transversal intelligence, breaking away from traditional organisational circuits (professions, geographic units, etc.). Another interest is that communities play a positive role in employee engagement and motivation. Independent, non-hierarchical and open, these communities are a powerful driver for personal and professional fulfilment for employees.


Enhanced levers for action 3.0 to unleash potentials

With community at its very core, Engie naturally encourages the creation of internal employee-lead communities. For example, YPn (Young Professionals network), a group created for and by young people: “We are living through some major changes and our voices need to be heard. The YPn is in a good position to feed ideas to the Group, and it really isn’t just for show!”, explains Zuleyha Seker, project leader. This desire for action is shared by Elisabeth Richard, president of the WIN (Women in networking) network: “Women are a source of innovation and transformation for ENGIE. In 2015, the community contributed to the Business for tomorrow, with more than 150 proposals. Six groups presented their business cases before the ExCom.


At ENGIE, networks are for each and every one of us

Some 170 communities come form a totally open ecosystem, with varying themes that reflect the diversity of ENGIE’s talents:  The Ambassador Technicians (a group that proudly represents the professions for in-house and external events), I act for the planet (sharing of best daily environmentally-friendly practices), but also data@engie, The key experts, The digital tribes, Managers 3.0, Change leaders, and many more!

Fifteen of these, which are considered to be “transversal and open”, are regularly invited to take part in a dedicated think tank, the Engie People Lab. As a result, hundreds of people every year work together to come up with innovative answers to current social challenges. At ENGIE, we believe that each person has a unique perspective on these subjects. And, it is in this interconnected world which opens outwards that we also unite an external ecosystem, ENGIE Good Galaxy, which allows to create positive synergies between these communities in order to create added value.
All these communities regularly help detect and identify emerging forms and signs that convey meaning, creativity and business by actively being attentive. These are then gathered in a monthly newsletter that we share with as many people as possible.


Everyone is welcome in ENGIE communities! As such, each employee can find one or several groups that provide fulfilment all while promoting communal growth.