FACT 36 - At ENGIE, we recognize and empower our business and technical experts, as our ambassadors throughout the world

By ENGIE - 24 November 2021 - 16:54

At ENGIE, expertise is never immovable. It has to be maintained, challenged; it evolves. Which is why the Group launched its "ExpAND" programme in 2019. The programme is designed to identify and empower all those who have a skill... and who wish to share it. This large-scale initiative aims to build and recognise a network of experts, providing the Group with a key business asset. Today, the community includes 787 experts of 32 different nationalities from all skill sectors.


A professional boost

Members of the ExpAND community get the opportunity to attend conferences on specialist subjects. But it is also by getting together and sparking debate that expertise develops.  Which is why group spirit is a key element of the programme. "Experts from the same business activity don't need us to bring them together. The programme really comes into its own, however, when it brings together different fields of expertise. It enables members to share discoveries and ideas, to think outside the box by applying one person's solutions to another's problems. It is extremely enriching, both from a personal and a professional point of view," explains Stéphane Sançois, who heads the programme.

As well as the meetings arranged within the community, each expert is supported by a talent manager and benefits from a personal development programme. The Group provides guidance in their reflection, in their career advancement, and in the development of their leadership skills. "I will never be able to thank ENGIE enough, because it is thanks to the Group that I have been able to develop this expertise. I was given a chance. And sharing my skills gave me a real boost," says Caroline Fisher, Global Expert in digital transformation.


An innovative approach, to give everyone a chance

"Generally speaking, I am stunned by our employees' enthusiasm and engagement. As soon as we launched the programme, we received dozens of applications. And for our first seminar, almost all the people we invited managed to free up their schedule to attend three days of workshops and conferences," says Stéphane Sançois.

So, who can actually join the community? "I really questioned my legitimacy before applying. I have developed sound knowledge in the field of digital transformation but, unlike other experts, I didn't take a technical or specialised course. My expertise is actually in the field," says Caroline Fisher, Global Expert. To join the programme, Caroline - like all the other members - followed a transparent and innovative application procedure. Once a comprehensive dossier - containing peer reviews, a cover letter, examples of achievements, etc. - has been submitted, every application is examined by a committee of volunteer experts who are already members of the community. Peer approval is where the programme's strength lies.

All types of expertise are welcome - technical, technological, or functional. There are many recognised skill sectors including digital, data, energy efficiency, safety, business development, marketing, etc. And it is this diversity that we find in the Group's DNA, enabling us to stay one step ahead.


A local, global... and even international impact

One of the key assignments given to ExpAND community members is to spread their knowledge across a wide audience. This pool of experts is managed according to the Group's needs and levels of expertise. Some work within their own team, others spread their knowledge across an entire entity, or even on an international level.  Experts are also expected to address students and professionals at conferences, sponsor ENGIE's key projects, and work on initiatives that will transform the energy sector.

No time to be bored with this programme! One expert can be asked to cover several subjects at the same time. "My role as global expert enables me to be involved in many topics. When I joined ENGIE, I worked on projects focusing on carbon capture and use.  It's an issue that has come back to the fore today, so I now have the opportunity to participate again, this time as a technical expert. I also take part in discussions on e-fuel. And I can help the Group clarify its position on the subject," Samuel Saysset - Technology Lead Advisor, ENGIE Research & Global Expert Renewable Gases/Sciences. Being an expert at ENGIE is not just about being recognised for your work and your knowledge but, more importantly, involves taking direct and concrete action to help build tomorrow's world. "It's an opportunity. Not many companies recognise technical careers and expertise in the way ENGIE does," says Samuel Saysset.