Work-Study Programs - Reveal your potential

By ENGIE - 28 April 2012 - 12:00

What is it?


ENGIE is willing to hire and train many young people preparing their certification under the status of work-study program: the 2016 recruitment campaign is now deployed across the entire Group in France. It reinforces similar actions undertaken by the Group’s subsidiaries and recalls the importance the Group attaches to training and recruiting of motivated and diverse talents. ENGIE welcomes young people at all levels from first to higher degrees in its 23 professional sectors and all its energy business activities: electricity, natural gas, energy services. There are vacant positions for technicians, engineers, project managers, business…


For whom?


Work-Study Program, what kind of profile in France?


As from 16 years (no age limit for a person recognized disabled) if you apply, you will be employed by ENGIE. While preparing your degree, you will have the opportunity to acquire a unique professional experience, as well as put your theoretical knowledge into practice.


There are two types of work-study program in France:


  • The apprenticeship contract,
  • and the “professionalization” contract.


The apprenticeship contract is designed to give young workers (as from 16 years) who still are under compulsory, initial education, general education and theoretical and practical knowledge. By the end of their cursus the trainees will have a professional qualification validated by a degree, whether their studies are vocational or technological and engineering studies.


The “professionalization” contract is designed for young people aged 16 to 25 years and to job seekers aged 26 and over. Its goal is to enable these groups to gain a qualification and enhance their professional integration or reorientation.