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Conference with Csilla Kohalmi-Monfils

By ENGIE - 28 July 2020 - 15:19

“How open innovation might support the strategy to become a leader in the energy transition?”


During a conference organized by “Mind the Chat” on July 30, 2 pm, Csilla Kohalmi-Monfils, Group's Director for Innovation Ecosystems at ENGIE, will show how innovation can help a Group like ENGIE, committed in carbon-neutrality transition. She will go through the different actions ENGIE has put in place to foster innovation both through employees and startups/scaleups. From Engie New Business Factory (the Venture Builder aimed at combining capabilities of Business Units, internal and external Startups & Research) to ENV (ENGIE New Ventures, the €180M CVC fund who invests in promising startups across the world, by making minority options to contribute to inventing the business models of tomorrow).