On display: find out where we are at in the energy transition

By ENGIE - 25 April 2024 - 16:00

The energy transition is underway and ENGIE has set itself targets to help drive it forward. On April 22, Group revealed where it’s at with regard to these targets by way of a new brand advertising campaign to be released in France in the press, digital, social media and outdoor platforms.


With 9 out of 10 Europeans supporting its progress, the momentum is strong, yet fragile. Faced with the complexity and challenges it brings, 45% of those surveyed advised a cautious approach1.


This brand campaign aims to assert the Group’s positive and optimistic vision of the transition, a transition that is within our reach. The campaign visuals highlight the journey the Group has taken so far towards its 2030 goals. Nine visuals will be released progressively through May 19th, covering topics such as decarbonization pathways, renewable electric and gas energies, battery storage, decarbonization solutions for customers and district heating networks.


1 Differing perceptions of the energy transition accross European countries", study co-leaded by ENGIE and CSA, released on April 11, available here.

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