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ENGIE to be present at HyVolution on 4 and 5 February

From 4 to 5 February 2020, ENGIE will be among the exhibitors at the HyVolution show, the essential event dedicated to uses of hydrogen for energy, industry and mobility. Over 2 days, 100 exhibitors and brands will come together to discuss the key issues surrounding hydrogen: energy, mobility, industry. The access pass is free for everyone. You can also follow the various debates and speeches on webTV. Meet us at the Parc Floral in Paris, on stand D14.




At ENGIE we are convinced that renewable hydrogen, produced by water electrolysis, is the key to accelerating the zero-carbon transition: development of green mobility, decarbonation of massive industrial uses of hydrogen (fertilizers, refineries, chemicals, etc.), better integration of intermittent renewable energies into the power network, massive storage of the surplus electricity produced.


We are working on three areas of development:

  • industrial uses, 
  • mobility
  • hydrogen as an energy carrier

on which we are developing solutions, forging partnerships and exploring various innovative technologies.


Used in addition to all green energies to satisfy and decarbonize many uses, hydrogen can become the mainstay of 100% renewable territories.


We implement these solutions with our customers in territories. We federate players in the Hydrogen ecosystems to accelerate the development of hydrogen uses. From the HyGREEN Provence project to produce, store in saline cavity and distribute renewable hydrogen on an industrial scale, ZEV in Auvergne and Rhône-Alpes for the construction of 20 hydrogen stations in France by 2030, HyPORT in Occitania for the construction of 8 hydrogen stations in the region.


Meet us on our stand ENGIE - D14


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