ENGIE Solutions

By ENGIE - 17 January 2020 - 15:15

ENGIE Solutions is the long-term ally of cities, industries and companies, helping to speed up their energy transition. 


Every day, ENGIE Solutions comes up with new answers. It implements customised, decentralised solutions so that each stakeholder can make their own contribution to the energy transition, based on their resources and their challenges.

ENGIE Solutions’ experts apply all their expertise in pursuit of three aims in the regions in which they operate:

  • Optimising resource usage, improving the energy performance of our clients' buildings, facilities and processes in terms of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, productivity and service life
  • Greening energies by providing customised energy solutions covering production, distribution, storage and supply of green and local energies
  • Reinventing living and working environments by creating, improving and managing living and working spaces to make them more pleasant and more environmentally friendly

Because the energy transition is just as much something that its clients have to commit to as ENGIE Solutions itself, it is an ally: 

  • that guarantees the results and performance of the solutions that it develops.
  • operating locally that is embracing a global environmental challenge
  • that takes risks on behalf of its clients
  • in it for the long run that will innovate for the future

The environmental challenge is becoming increasingly urgent with every day that goes by. So ENGIE Solutions has made a long-term commitment to speeding up its clients' energy transition. 
ENGIE Solutions is a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group which, by focusing its activities on renewable energies and infrastructure, is asserting its pioneering role in the energy sector, helping all its stakeholders to achieve net zero.