ENGIE X RG 2020: carbon-neutral solutions for a greener planet

By ENGIE - 21 September 2020 - 15:49

ENGIE has been one of the French Open’s official partners since 2014 and will once again be doing the honours at the Roland-Garros stadium from 21 September to 11 October 2020 (qualifications between 21/09 and 25/09, final listing between 27/09 and 11/10). One of the consequences of the pandemic is that the 2020 edition will not be allowed to have more than 1,000 spectators.


With ENGIE, Roland-Garros is committed to a carbon-neutral future: we are helping the French Open to decarbonize its facilities and we are developing renewable solutions for a positive impact on both people and the planet. This partnership is evidence of its responsible and sustainable approach – one that seeks to implement solutions that meet the requirements for carbon neutrality, as well as aid initiatives.


Green solutions for Roland-Garros’ spectators and facilities

Since 2015, ENGIE has been supplying the stadium facilities with 100% renewable electricity as part of our "ENGIE Company and Community green electricity”package. We use low-carbon energy solutions to both meet the needs of spectators and improve the energy efficiency of the French Open infrastructure.


Once again this year, ENGIE is the exclusive partner for all the fixed and mobile smartphone chargers in the stadium – a service that is greatly appreciated by spectators who spend more than eight hours on average in the stadium. Two solutions are available:spectators can connect their phones to any one of the 45 fixed charging stations (six of which are solar powered), or if they really cannot be without their phones, there will be nearly 500 portable charging discs available that they can pick up from any of the numerous Info Points in the stadium. 


Our low-carbon solar powered solution has been developed in conjunction with our industrial partner. It uses "Organic" technology to install next-generation photovoltaic films on buildings whose roofs cannot be used with traditional solar power installations, or on very light, textile-type structures, etc. The energy produced by the panels on the southern wing of the Suzanne Lenglen court can be used directly by the restaurants and waste-compactor bins. Spectators can use the system installed on the walls of the two terraces in the Partners’ Village to recharge their smartphones via USB sockets.


This year, we have introduced EVBOX – a charging solution that can be used with part of the Roland-Garros stadium’s vehicle fleet and for lighting the its 12 courts.


Important event:

As one of the French Open's CSR partners, we are committed to helping to extend the influence of eco-responsible solutions and aid initiatives supported by the ENGIE Foundation. 

  • Roland-Garros Sustainable Development Day – Wednesday 2 October.