ENGIE at Vivatech

By ENGIE - 15 June 2022 - 18:11

"Positive impact innovation for renewable energies"

ENGIE will be at VivaTech, the international tech event, from 15 to 18 June. For the occasion, the Group has prepared an immersive experience for its visitors, based on innovation and renewable energies.


ENGIE is facing a challenge: to re-invent today the energy of tomorrow using new technologies and new partnerships to build low carbon emission energy systems with its customers, employees and stakeholders.

We are therefore taking part in VivaTech Paris, which has been a key event for the world leaders of the innovation sector since 2016. At the huge 250m² booth, visitors will be able to discover the technological solutions for innovation in the field of renewable energies and particularly the greening of electricity and gas; these technologies will enable us to change how we produce, use and consume energy.

What do we hope to get out of this event? Our goal is to promote positive impact innovation for renewable energies for our regional territories and society.


A unique experience

Visitors will be able to take an immersive technological trip, based on five themes related to sustainable energy: renewable energies, renewable gas, positive impact digital technology, innovation for the home and innovation for the territories. Business cases and the solutions proposed by ENGIE and our start-up partners will be presented for each stage.

Our stand will also be hosting various events over the four-day exhibition: pitches by start-up representatives, a live ‘Trends Shaker’, in collaboration with the So Good magazine, on the topic of ‘Entrepreneurialism, a new grail for the younger generation?’, and a presentation on algorithms by Aurélie Jean and the winner of the Pépites des Pépite prize.


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View our programme

Agora Pitch Zone

Wednesday 15 June:


  • 10-11am : Emerging Sustainable Technologies
    Olivier Sala, Group Vice President Research & Innovation ENGIE; Elodie Lecadre Loret, Science program manager, Research & Innovation Department ENGIE). Presented by Erik Orsenna, economist & writer
  • 11-11.30am: ENGIE Energy Access and ENERGY WEB FOUNDATION
    Stefan Zelazny, Head of Digital & IT at ENGIE Energy Access; Etienne Gehain, Digital Innovation Officer, ENGIE Digital and IT Meerim Ruslanova, Traceability Business Lead, ENERGY WEB FOUNDATION
  • 11.30am-12pm: The role of hydrogen in the mobility of tomorrow
    Andrés Galnares, H2SITE; Philipp Engelkamp, INERATEC
  • 12-12.30pm: SOLEYE (ENGIE Green)
    Emilien Duverger, ENGIE
  • Live 1-3pm: Trends Shaker / SOGOOD  Entrepreneurialism, a new grail for the younger generation?
    Alain Asquin, Pépite France and French Ministry of higher education, research and innovation; Stéphane Quéré, Head of Ecosystems & Expertise ENGIE
  • 4.30-5pm: How ENGIE uses DATAIKU to accelerate use case delivery with a user-friendly interface which helps data experts as well as business teams? 
    Thierry Grima, Group Chief Analytics Officer, ENGIE
    Marième Dieng, Strategic Customer Success Manager, Dataiku
  • 4.30-5pm: Vertuoz by ENGIE Solutions: Global solutions for smart building efficiency
    Frédéric Gailliot, Julien Dupoizat, Vertuoz
  • 5-5.30pm: GAYA is an innovative technology which turns local solid organic waste into a renewable synthetic methane
    Marion Maheut, ENGIE
  • 5.30-6.30pm: Pépite France cocktail party
    Alain Asquin, Pépite France
    4.50pm: INERATEC provides modular plants to convert “green” hydrogen

    Philipp Engelkamp, CEO Inetarec


Thursday 16 June:

  • 10.30–10.30am: Signature of the partnership between Solarimpulse Foundation and ENGIE Foundation 
    P. Peyrat, ENGIE Foundation; Jonathan Derrain, Solarimpulse Foundation)
  • 10.30-11am: Ecological treatment of water and industrial effluents
    AZUVIA / Pépite France; Tristan Bauduin, CEO AZUVIA SAS
  • 11-11.30am: Decimate the CO2 Footprint of Electricity with Heliatek’s OPV – Now! 
    Guido van Tartwijk, CEO Heliatek Gmbh
  • 11.30am-12pm How can distributed Energy answer the challenges of flexibility needed for the power system transition? 
    Guido van Tartwijk, CEO Heliatek Gmbh
    Daniel Pouzada, Distributed Energy Storage Expert - Laborelec; Frazer Wagg, Battery Expert Connected Energy; Raphaël Meyer, CEO Lancey 
  • 12-12.30pm: "Mon Pilotage Elec" - Energy savings by piloting electric heaters per room 
    Godefroy Scott de Martinville, ENGIE BtoC
  • 12.30–1pm: 2 elements of innovation strategy at ENGIE Green: Agri-PV and Energy Hubs 
    Philippe Alexandre, ENGIE Green
  • 1.30-2pm: SIRADEL Digital Twins for smart services and sustainable territories 
    Claire Houzé, Astrid Sahué, Raphaël Meyer 
  • 2-2.30pm: CleanTech barometer
    Stéphane Quéré, Head of Ecosystems & Expertise ENGIE; Pierre Deron, CEO CleanTech Open France
  • 2.30-3.30pm: Are algorithms running the world? 
    Aurélie Jean
  • 3.30-4pm: ENGIE, a player in the French digital space
    Chantal Alario, Data Project Lead, ENGIE; Juliette de Maupeou, Co-pilot, La French Tech Corporate Community; Anne-Claire Girard, Senior Communication Manager, JCDecaux – DataCorp Division (facilitator)
  • 4-5.30pm: DATAIKU
    Anne-France Lacour, Regional VP Sales 
  • 4.30-6pm French Tech Corporate Community cocktail party (bar)
  • 5-5.30pm: SOLEYE
    Philippe Alexandre, ENGIE


Friday 17 June:

  • 10-10.30am:  Ma Conso + et Mon Pilotage Gaz - Two innovative services helping customers to monitor and reduce their power and gas consumption 
    Florian Chevallier, ENGIE
  • 10.30-11am: Wind & Solar end-of-life management:  recycling and ecodesign 
    Vianney de Lavernée, ENGIE; Nicolas Defrenne, SOREN
  • 11-11.30am: SOLEYE
    Philippe Alexandre, ENGIE
  • 11:30 - 12:00 : H2SITE
    Andres Galnares
  • 12:00 – 12:30 : VYNTELLIGENCE : Video Intelligence : remote supervision for installation , operation and maintenance and customer engagement.
    Emmanuel Schneider
  • 14:00 – 14h30 Connected Technician
    Olivier Servoise Innovation Director, ENGIE IT
    Camille BERTEAU,Orange
    Benoit GARRETA, Orange
  • 14:30 – 15:00 : The role of Corporate Venture Capitals in the innovation Ecosystem - Three cases from three market leaders: ENGIE, Orange, Safran
    Johann Boukhors, ENGIE New Ventures Director
    Alfonso Sessa - Finance Manager - ENGIE New Ventures 
    Florent Illat, Fund Director, SAFRAN Corporate Ventures
    Horak Philippine, Investment Senior Associate, Orange Ventures
  • 15:30 – 16:00 : GAYA
    Alessandra Barba, ENGIE Lab CRIGEN
  • 16:00 – 16:30 : How can data management and Artificial Intelligence optimise wind energy? 
    Alexandre Cosquer, Executive Committee member of ENGIE’s ‘Global Energy Management & Sales’ Business Entity
  • 16:30 – 17:00 : Vertuoz by ENGIE Solutions : global solutions for smart building
    Frédéric Gailliot , Julien Dupoizat


Saturday 18 June:

  • 3-3.30pm: Storage as a solution to enable the development of photovoltaic self-consumption 
    Claire Houzé, Astrid Sahué, Marine Gil, Lancey


VivaTech programme 


Wednesday 15 June:

  • 1.45-2.30pm: ENGIE Energy Access - Africa Tech Lab
    How do we get African Cities to join the clean energy transition? 
  • 2.30pm: Citizen entrepreneurs delegation (Italy, Germany and Spain), ENGIE booth
  • 4-5.45pm: Pépite France Ceremony- Studio Viva pitch
    Presentation of the Coup de Cœur 2022 Award by Sébastien Vinant (ENGIE  SA) - Startup 2022: AZUVIA