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« 8:30 le Réveil Digital »

"Le Réveil Digital" brings together experts and the curious about the role played by new technologies in the energy transition. Every 2 months, they decipher together the words of digital and especially their application in a concrete way and from different angles.


The Cloud: and after... The use of the Cloud, a tool for innovation, has enabled companies to transform themselves and now affects the whole of society. Nevertheless, there are points of vigilance. The experts of the 8:30 am Réveil Digital will decipher and analyze the Cloud, for you, now and after....

In the presence of 


  • Constance Nebbula, Councillor for the Digital Economy and Innovation, City of Angers
  • Servane Augier, Director of Development, 3DS Outscale
  • Jean-Luc Couasnon, Executive Partner, Gartner
  • Alfonso Castro, Director of Cloud Strategy, Microsoft France
  • Claude Pierre, Deputy CIO in charge of Infrastructure and Cybersecurity,


This morning is hosted by Gilles Fontaine, Editor-in-Chief of Challenges. Erik Orsenna the closing.