Graduate Programs: a simple helping hand or a real career boost?

By ENGIE - 13 November 2020 - 14:55

Graduate Programs are designed to provide a real career boost. In the space of one to three years, recent graduates can discover how the company operates and acquire new operational and managerial skills by undertaking a variety of assignments, often in different countries. They also help you work on your leadership skills, develop your network and vary your experiences.


How do Graduate Programs work?


Under the Graduate Program, you will develop your skills alongside fellow graduates who started the programme at the same time as you. You will see each other on a daily basis, both in training and at special events organised for you. “I got to know the other participants - from France, Belgium, England – and now I work with them on certain projects,” says Gim, who took part in the ENGIE Junior Nuclear Trainees Program. 


And while networking is one of the (many) advantages of these prestigious programmes, they are also excellent skill boosters. Cutting-edge training courses enable you to gain expertise in often ground-breaking fields. The theoretical classes are always based on real-life situations to provide genuine field experience. Christine, who completed the three-year High’5 Graduate Program, tells of her experience: “I chose the ENGIE Graduate Program because I wanted to explore different core businesses, different positions, in different environments and all within a fairly short timeframe. Working on the energy transition was also very important to me.”


Customized support and a human adventure


Another advantage is the opportunity to be supported by a manager, HR officer and/or specially appointed colleague throughout your programme. “I was supported by an amazing mentor. He helped me throughout the whole adventure. He coached me, and trusted me. There is nothing better for developing your skills,” says Sonia, who took part in the High'5 Graduate Program.


Learn new skills and build inspirational networks, and not just in France. Graduate Programs also provide the opportunity to gain international experience at the beginning of your career, either through an assignment abroad or because your working environment requires regular interaction with colleagues from all over the world, more often than not in English.  


In short, all the Graduate Programs are, in their own way, prestigious programmes. They offer an intense, varied and enriching experience. They boost your skills and your career, and offer a people-focused adventure that will enable you to make acquaintances and develop a network within the Group and beyond.


Find the programme that suits you


So, are you ready to give your career a boost? Prestige, networking, mentoring, and field experience will all be brought to life for you by ENGIE! 


>> Take a look at the Group’s Graduate Programs, which are all covered by a permanent work contract (French CDI): 

Renewable Energy Graduate (ENR)

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Solar, wind, hydrogen – if these words send shivers down your spine then our new Graduate Program entirely focused on Renewable Energy is made for you! Designed for enthusiasts with the audacity to believe that the future of energy is being written today, it explores the vast and diverse range of existing and forthcoming technical solutions. 

Want to join the class of 2021? The recruitment campaign will be launched next March! Stay informed by following us on Twitter!


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Are you looking for a personal, people-focused challenge? Do you want to play your part in meeting the challenges faced by tomorrow’s world? Reinventing urban mobility, developing new energy sources, improving the efficiency of electrical facilities – this programme provides the unique opportunity to contribute to the digital and energy revolution and identify our future managers.


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Nuclear Trainees Program Junior

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Vous souhaitez aider l’Europe à atteindre les objectifs de la COP21 en matière de réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre ? Avec le Nuclear Trainees Programm,, devenez un expert de l’énergie Nucléaire et découvrez l’ensemble de sa chaine de valeur : design, construction, exploitation, démantèlement... Êtes-vous prêt-e à faire émerger un nucléaire « nouvelle génération » ?


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