ENGIE Volunteers Program (EVP)

The ENGIE Volunteers Program (EVP) provides support and coordination between the Group and the charities of Energy Assistance. It was formed by the CSR Department after a period of co-development with input from every party involved.


Energy Assistance charities are made up of volunteers from amongst current or retired ENGIE employees, who offer their energy distribution network expertise to humanitarian projects working to help people without access to electricity.


The programme has a dual ambition: to support the development of charity projects, and to encourage our employees to get involved in charity work (and access to energy in particular).


EVP focuses its work on the four Energy Assistance charities. Volunteers from amongst ENGIE’s current and retired employees are at work in Belgium, France, Italy, and Monaco, delivering humanitarian projects to assist communities that are without access to essential energy services, all in partnership with the local beneficiaries.


EVP contributes in a number of ways: by taking part in the Group’s CSR policy, increasing the number of people who benefit from the projects and providing employees with more opportunities, and making the Group’s CSR promises a reality.