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ENGIE, a player in sustainable mobility as a service

By ENGIE - 16 October 2019 - 18:23

Contributing to the development of sustainable mobility lies at the heart of ENGIE’s zero carbon strategy. To support businesses and communities and make possible the transition to greener mobility solutions, the Group is developing “as a service” offers.

Mobility alone accounts for 20% of global energy consumption, 24% of global CO2 emissions, and a 95% dependency on oil. Sustainable mobility is therefore a crucial link for a successful zero carbon transition.


ENGIE has developed sustainable mobility solutions ranging from the electrification of transit networks to refueling solutions for alternative fuels or improving and optimizing urban traffic flow thanks to digital technology.


Since January 2019, ENGIE has offered a sustainable mobility as a service policy, providing support for local authorities and businesses that are seeking to transform their energy model.


Turnkey, tailored and co-financed sustainable mobility


Our “as a service” strategy primarily sets out to make life easier for our customers: we are supporting them in their zero carbon transition by being the ones to contribute the necessary skills and expertise and providing the funding for solutions.


By doing this, we are addressing two challenges often faced by our corporate and community customers: identifying and managing multiple areas of expertise as well as accessing funds that are no longer available for their core businesses.


Sustainable mobility as a service offers our customers a long-term strategy, the implementation of sustainable mobility solutions with a tailored, turnkey offer built on the aggregation of our businesses, and financing of the transition.


These solutions meet 4 criteria:


  • A long-term offer
  • Integrated and turnkey ENGIE solutions
  • Commitments on reduced CO2 emissions
  • A range of funding made possible on the basis of a partnership of a public service delegation agreement


We are thus contributing to improving the quality of life in the regions by encouraging a mobility taking account of environmental and societal issues and our customers’ investment capabilities.


ENGIE’s first steps in sustainable mobility as a service


ENGIE has been applying an “as a service” approach for several years, particularly in the field of mobility. As long ago as 2012, we offered the city of Dijon a comprehensive service to allow it to develop its new tram network:


  • a 26-year public-private partnership
  • 20 km of tramlines with 33 streetcars in use at any one time.
  • related infrastructure and services (passenger information system, operations control center, maintenance services)


In addition, we installed a solar power production system on the roof of the maintenance center’s building, which helps provide renewable energies for the city’s urban mobility system.




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