Magritte Group calls for immediate measures to safeguard Europe’s energy future

By ENGIE - 21 November 2016 - 12:00

On Wednesday March 19 2014, the CEOs of the largest energy companies call for government and state heads to implement immediate and drastic measures to safeguard Europe’s energy future.

Magritte Group calls for immediate measures to safeguard Europe’s energy future

On the 20th and 21th of March 2014, European heads of state and government will hold a summit in Brussels where a crucial debate on Europe’s energy future will be high on the agenda. On this occasion, CEOs of the largest energy companies that make up the “Magritte Group” will reiterate the need for comprehensive and ambitious but realistic and timely decisions and have submitted a list of nine recommendations to this end.

The Magritte Group’s nine recommendations to reform Europe’s energy and climate policy so as to achieve the three key objectives of competitiveness, sustainability and security of supply


  1. Make Europe’s energy prices more competitive.
  2. Restore the ETS as a flagship climate and energy policy.
  3. Achieve a global climate partnership with Europe’s global competitors in international climate negotiations.
  4. Adjust public support for new renewable energy sources so that they can compete and be integrated progressively into the energy system.
  5. Support European leadership on green technologies including via an ambitious R&D policy.
  6. Aim for a diversified cost-effective low carbon energy mix.
  7. Multiply energy routes for the import of cost-effective low-carbon energy sources and enhance indigenous production.
  8. Remunerate available and qualified capacities as a service provided to ensure security of supply for the energy system.
  9. Achieve a more fluid, transparent and interconnected internal market.

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