ENGIE launches the “Energy Purchasing Power” plan to improve French citizens’ purchasing power

By ENGIE - 22 January 2019 - 12:00

Convinced of the major role to be played by energy efficiency in a competitive energy transition, ENGIE is today launching the “Energy Purchasing Power” plan in France. A new, simple and attractive scheme, this will enable French households to replace their old heating equipment with modern, more efficient types that consume less energy and provide improved comfort. One of the offers available enables the lowest-income households (1) to receive new gas boilers from €1.002.


This plan is part of the Coup de pouce chauffage (“Heating boost”) operation implemented in January 2019 by the Ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire (the French Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition) and the Habiter Mieux Agilité (Live Better Agility) aid from the Agence Nationale de l’Habitat (or ANAH - the French National Housing Agency).


The different offers under the “Energy Purchasing Power” plan


From today, the ENGIE Group - via its subsidiary ENGIE Home Services which operates throughout the country - is offering French households the opportunity to replace their old gas boilers (3) with very high energy efficiency (4) gas boilers that deliver energy savings of up to 20% (5). The cost of the offer depends on the household’s financial resources.


The lowest-income households (1) can receive new boilers from €1.00 including VAT and installation (2). Low-income households can take advantage of this offer at a cost from €299.00 including VAT and installation (2). In both cases, the price corresponds to the excess to be paid by the household after deduction of ANAH’s Habiter Mieux Agilité aid and the Coup de pouce chauffage subsidy  (3).


ENGIE Home Services will manage the cash advance necessary so that these households have nothing to pay apart from the excess.


For all other households, ENGIE Home Services offers for example a package from €49.00 incl. VAT per month for 60 months  (6), that includes the purchase of the equipment installed with a 0%-interest loan and subscription to a maintenance contract. This amount includes the Coup de pouce chauffage subsidy.


In all cases, ENGIE Home Services will support the households in the administrative processes to obtain the aids.


The “Coup de pouce chauffage” subsidy is financed entirely via Energy Savings Certificates (ESC), and has no impact on the State budget. This scheme, in place since 2006, encourages French citizens to undertake energy efficiency work with the financial support of energy suppliers, who in turn therefore meet the obligations set by the Government.


An easy-to-access scheme for all French citizens


ENGIE’s “Energy Purchasing Power” plan confirms the Group’s undertaking to provide its customers with solutions enabling them to take action for the energy transition - according to their means.


ENGIE will provide tools to organisations working locally among households experiencing energy poverty to make them aware of these offers and explain the “Energy Purchasing Power” plan.


In order to verify their eligibility, interested households may contact  (7) ENGIE Home Services on 0800 100 035 or visit the ENGIE Home Services agency nearest their home. There are 200 agencies and 3,300 technicians spread across France. For more information, see www.engie-homeservices.fr.


Extension of the scheme to other heating equipment planned in 2019


Other solutions will be offered under this plan during 2019, such as reduced-interest loans for the installation of heat pumps or high-performance radiators or the replacement of inefficient equipment such as old electric convection heaters or oil-fired boilers.


Legal notices

(1) Very low- and low-income households: subject to the income of the household, according to the definition of the “Coup de pouce chauffage”, which can be viewed by clicking here:


  • Example of income ceiling for a very low-income household in Île de France: 2 people = €29,171, 4 people = €40,905
  • Example of income ceiling for a low-income household in Île de France: 2 people = €35,510, 4 people = €49,799


(2) In the case of installation by ENGIE Home Services of a Saunier Duval Themafast Condens F25 GN boiler or a Chaffoteaux MIRA C GREEN 25 FR boiler, excluding additional work - Subject to eligibility of the household and the work for the ANAH “Habiter Mieux Agilité” aid and the “Coup de pouce chauffage” subsidy..
(3) Excluding condensing boilers.
(4) Very high energy efficiency boiler: with seasonal energy efficiency of over 92%, delivering an average of 20% energy savings (source: Ademe).
(5) Source Ademe - Article on "Les chaudières performantes” (high efficiency boilers).
(6) Subject to acceptance of the finance application. E.g. if a customer takes out a loan of €2,200 to cover the installation of the equipment in question, with a standard monthly payment over 60 months at a fixed interest rate of 0% (fixed borrowing rate 0%), they will repay (excluding optional insurance) 60 monthly instalments of €37.00, interest €0, total sum due €2,200 for €2,200, plus €12 per month for the maintenance contract. A loan is a binding commitment and must be repaid. Customers must always check their ability to pay before committing themselves.
(7) Service free, call rates apply, Monday to Friday, 9.00 am to 6.00 pm


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